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Valentines Day Is Right Around the Corner!!

Who doesn’t love Valentines Day with all its pink and red and sweet sentiments? Especially after everything going on around us! Let’s show some LOVE!! Below are some amazingly cute items to give to your loved one your to yourself!

Old Navy PJ’s

Valentines PJs

These cotton pjs are adorable!! Short sleeve tee and shorts are perfect for the teen in your life or would be just a perfect little gift for yourself!

Loft Tops

Stripe top / Red top

Looking for something to wear? Loft has you covered!! These tops are so cute and can be worn any day of the year!

Target for the win! As usual!!

Heart pillows
Dog pillow

These pillows are perfect gift for the tween/teen or just a great accent for any room. So cute and cozy with their Sherpa fabrication.

Mug / planter

Love these pieces for the perfect gift! The mug will be a great reminder every morning with your coffee and the planter can used to hold an adorable succulent to care for! (I actually have this planter in my kitchen and just love it!)

We wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day!!

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So, it looks like turtleneck sweaters are my thing this year!

I find a good turtleneck is classic and never goes out of style. These styles, that I found this year are all different silhouettes. Tunic, oversized, fitted, and cropped

Turtleneck sweater

These 2 are actually the same sweater from J Crew. I loved it so much I picked it up in 2 colors. A neutral and a pop of color! This one is not totally fitted but not oversized, amazing soft to the touch, and classic. I will have these for years!

Ivory sweater / grey sweater

The next 2 are from H&M. 2 very different looks. The grey sweater is slightly cropped with a slight oversized fit. I love the balloon sleeves. Super stylish. The ivory sweater is tunic length also slightly oversized. This one looks great with leggings and also does a good messy tuck with jeans.

Turtleneck sweater

This Amazon sweater is unbelievable quality!! I knew I liked it when I ordered it, but was not expecting this quality! It is a heavier weight, soft to the touch, and a tunic length. I will say this length isn’t too long though so looks great with leggings and jeans.

Black turtleneck sweater

You can never go wrong with this classic fitted sweater from Banana Republic. This looks great alone or layered under and blazer or cardigan. Absolutely perfect and a must have for any wardrobe!

(Commission links)

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Group Candy T-Shirts- Perfect Family Halloween Outfit

The finished product!

Yes, Halloween is certainly going to look different this year. But you can still have lots of fun dressing up as a family, even if you aren’t planning on attending many parties or group gatherings! Read on for a super easy project that looks great too!

Once I had my kiddos, I became much more excited about Halloween! I love all the prep- picking out pumpkins, making gift bags for friends at school (in a normal school year), making sure we have the right amount of candy for the big night, and of course picking out the costumes! But when I have to find outfits for us all to wear as a family, that is where I struggle to think of something creative!

Last Halloween, we were invited to a Halloween party at my son’s friend’s house. I originally thought it was just a costume party for the kids, so I figured I was all set and they would wear their regular Halloween costumes that they were planning on wearing on Halloween night. But I was in for a big surprise two days before the party when I found out the adults had to dress up too!!! Ugh!

With very little time, I had to come up with outfits that I could buy or make in one day! I had seen someone post m&m shirts being sold online and figured- I could make those! So I headed over to Michael’s to figure out my game plan. By the way, I have been loving Michael’s. It has become by go-to for so many projects which I will continue to showcase here on the blog. Lot’s of great stuff and they are always having sales or coupons which make the projects very affordable.

I had never made these shirts before so I wasn’t sure of all the supplies I would need. But I made a list of what I thought and figured I would make it up as I went along! The kids loved being able to pick out their own colors. My only goal was to have 4 different colors so we could represent an m&m pack as much as we could.

Besides the actual t-shirts (shop here), here are the main supplies I needed:

  • Felt for the letter m (shop here) Black is shown here but used the same brand and size in white for the project
  • Glue gun and extra glue refills (shop here)
  • Wooden letter m to use as an outline (shop here). I chose the lower case m to match the m&m logo

First step was I laid out the white felt into one big piece. Then I used the wooden m and traced it on the white felt 4x, 1 for each tee I was making. I then cut out each m using fabric scissors. You can use regular scissors, but I already owned the fabric ones and felt they cut a little faster and the cuts were cleaner.

Next step, I laid each tee shirt flat and measured where I wanted the m to sit. Once I decided on placement, I cut out a piece of felt to use for all of the other tees so that the placement was the same on each shirt. I measured from the neckline down so that the placement could be consistent even though the t-shirts were all different sizes.

When I was happy with the placement and ready to use the glue gun, I needed a hard surface to lay the shirts on and provide stability when gluing. I used a hard place mat which also kept the glue gun steady while warming up and not in use.

It was finally time to start gluing. Once the glue gun was warmed up, I applied the glue on the underneath part of the m, ensuring I kept the original placement on the t-shirt so they would all be centered. Once I did one pass of glue, I went back and glued again around the edges to make sure the felt stayed flat and secured.

Ta-da! And here is how they looked finished! I needed to give them a little while to cool down and dry. I also re-checked to make sure all the edges were sticking and laying flat. Then all we needed to do was pick out neutral colored clothes to layer underneath so the shirts would be the pop of color. And we were ready for the party!

All in all, it was a super easy project once I had the supplies. The most time consuming part was cutting out the m’s so that they were straight and neat. Gluing them down went pretty fast. I think the total project at home took me about 2 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this project and that it inspires your own m&m group costume! Happy Halloween!!

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Kid’s Study Nook Inspiration

Now more than ever, my kid’s need a little place in the house that can be their own to do their school work both on and off of the computer. They are both attending school virtually for the first semester and I wanted to set them up for success! I wanted to create a space that they could use now while in school, and after, so they can keep up with their best study habits!

I had a few goals in mind when creating the space for my daughter. I hate to say it, but I focused on her first since she was starting Kindergarten and I wanted it to feel extra special. My son’t area is next, and I plan on applying the same thoughtfulness to it to make it special for him as well.

Here is what I focused on while designing this space (commission links):

  • Balance style and functionality, make it an inviting space the kids want to spend time in but still allows them to do what they need to do
  • Add personality and color to foster inspiration
  • Make it comfortable and easy, everything they need within reach, including having the tech items at their fingertips
  • Good lighting so they could work well and also be seen well by their teachers
  • Adaptable space that can be changed over time, for example using different cork boards to showcase latest important items

First step was I wanted work with what I had in the home and re-purpose as many items as I could.

I waited too long and couldn’t find a desk to purchase online, so I used a small folding table that I had and just raised it to be the right height. Then I figured I would spruce it up with colorful additions!

Adding the color was my favorite part! She loves rainbows so I found as many items as I could do add all the of the rainbow! Started with hanging cork boards at varying heights on the wall. I used the scotch brite brand so I could stick them to the wall and remove them easily without causing damage. Hung a rainbow flag across the wall which makes the walls less dull and really pop.

Cork Board 4 Piece Set / Rainbow Flag Banner

And then of course had to have a true rainbow piece which was her favorite part- perfect to hold her pencils, markers, tape, glue, etc!

I wanted to add some educational pieces as well. I came across this calendar which was perfect to have our own morning group session to go through the date, days of the week, and weather! Used a normal size corkboard and pushpins with tacks on the back for easy hanging. My daughter loves updating the pieces each morning!

Educational Calendar Set / Wooden Push Pins (set of 50)

Another focus was the functionality of her space. Good lighting is key since it’s normally a little dark in the room. I had a more fashion lamp set up originally, but it didn’t provide enough light. So I picked up a small pink lamp that is adjustable and has an easy on and off switch that she could use herself. Very affordable too!

Last piece that made the space comfortable for her was a desk mat. More pink! Provides a surface that is easy to clean, softer to write and draw on, and easy to use her computer and mouse on.

I love how it all came out and obviously so does she!

Hope your kiddos are doing well this school year! Best of luck!



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Target & My Fav Boho Tops!

Since the Bohemian trend will be staying with us through the fall, these Target tops will have a longer life! The amount of detail is so pretty. From embroidery to peplums to mix fabrications to floral prints! You can wear them with shorts now and then pair them with jeans and a cardi later!

Top #1

Top / jeans / Flips Flops

Love everything about this adorable top! The color is the first thing that grabbed my attention. So vibrant! The mixed print is so pretty and I love the fit. So flattering

Top #2

Top / Shorts / Sandals

I wasn’t so sure about this one until I put it on! Love it! The embryos gorgeous and I am loving the peplum! So easy to wear!

Top #3

Top / Jeans

The fabrication of this top is beautiful! There is a pattern woven into it. Very hard to see in the pics, but so pretty. The embroidery is gorgeous and goes all the way around the back. Love it!

Now we need to talk about these jeans!!!!! $25!!!!! And the fit is perfect! Straight leg fit but fitted through the hips and thighs. Love!!

These are the perfect addition to any wardrobe that will carry you through the fall season!!

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What is your Face Mask Style?

Are you a molded face mask person? Or do you like the pleated fabric style? Or do simply prefer the disposable style? Or you may be like me and wear them all!

I have found that depending on what my plans are for the day determines which face mask I will be wearing. I will I be mostly outside? Is it super hot out? Am I going to the mall? Here are some of my favorites for all occasions!

Molded Face Masks

Stripe & Gingham (2 pack) / Floral (3 pack)

I love these styles! I love the seersucker and ruffles on the the stripe and gingham. The floral is part of a 3 pack that comes with beautiful prints!

Pleated Material Face Masks

This 3 pack shown / others available (all are super cute)

I find the pleated type to be more flexible with how they fit.

Disposable Face Masks

Blue / Black / White / Pink

Loving that even the disposable types now are being offered in your choice of colors!! The pink is adorable!

No matter what your face mask style is, looks like we will be wearing them for a long time! This is more than ok with me! As long as we are all staying safe!

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July Amazon Finds!

July’s finds are all completely different things that have nothing to do with each other. A bug bite thing, a book, a tee, a romper, dress, and a few games! Oh, and my fav hat again! Check out my thoughts below!


My kids just walk outside this time of year for 5 minutes and end up covered in bug bites…..🤦🏻‍♀️ If you use this fairly soon after they get the bite it really works! It sucks out the venom and takes the itch and swelling away!! Woo hoo! They say it also works on splinters…..I will have to give that a try too!

The Bug Bite Thing

2 & 3) Easy Breezy Dress and Fav One and Only Hat

I am normally a midi or maxi dress girl, but this dress is such a great fit I had to try it! Love the fit! Love the fabrication! The hand feel is so soft and there is a ton of stretch so makes this incredibly comfortable. The length is perfect and not too short. Oh, and it comes in a ton of colors and prints! Now to this hat! I can’t say enough amazing things about this hat! I had to buy it twice! Unfortunately I lost the first one I bought somewhere along the way. I tried a ton of others to replace it, but none lived up to the original. So I just bought it again! It is perfect on everyone! This also comes in a ton of color options too!

Dress / Hat


So what makes a T-shirt perfect to me?! This one hits all the pionts below!

1. soft fabrication

2. Not see through

3. Perfect fit (not too tight/ not too big)

4. Great length to wear multiple ways

5. Great sleeve fit. Doesn’t bell out

And this one has a longer shirt tail hem which makes it great to wear with leggings or bike shorts!! Plus it comes in tons of colors!!

Vneck T-shirt / Denim Shorts / sneakers

5) Family Game Night

Looking for a fun family game night? Or something to do on and rainy day? These are great options! We we’re heading to the beach for a week and it was looking like it may rain a bit while we were down there so the kids picked these out to keep us having fun on and vacay!

Clue / Do you know me? / LCR
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My Summer Saviors!

Every season there are those few special items that help us all get through it! Well, the items in this post are not only my saviors for this summer, they are the same items that have gotten me though every summer for a few years now! So when one of them wears out or runs out, I buy a new one to replace it!

Let’s start with the one, the only BATHING SUIT I personally wear. Since having children we all have those areas we like to hide or camouflage, right? Well, this one does the trick! The quality of the fabrication holds up to days (and years) in the pool, ocean, and wash. It is truly worth every penny and IF you can grab it on sale you are lucky!

Solid / Gingham

Next it’s all about the accessories!! The straw hat! This is honestly the perfect hat for everyone. I seriously looks amazing on everyone. I have to tell you that I actually lost this hat last summer and thought I would look for a different one. I must have tried on dozens of straw hats from everywhere and none of them looked great. So I went and bought this one again and sure enough, LOVED it! The sunglasses! These are the only sunglasses I wear. Love RayBans and love the aviator style. I have had grey lenses, brown lenses and now I have these green lenses (which I have had for a few years now). They are classic and you can’t go wrong with this style.

Hat / sunglasses

The Flip Flops! To know me is to know that I wear flip flops all summer and with everything. I wear them with shorts, dresses, and jeans! Casual and dressed up! These are the flip flops I wear and buy EVERY summer. They are durable and comfortable and they always offer trendy prints like leopard and snake print.

Flips Flops

My fav denim shorts and tank! This is my uniform all summer. It’s that easy breezy look that you wear all summer. Just hanging at home, going to a bbq, or heading the shore this is the look! First the Tank! This tank is the best fit and light fabrication with out being see through. I don’t even know how many colors I have it in! Now denim shorts are a staple every year. The style may change but the base is the same. This years style that I literally find myself reaching for every day is a little more destructed than last years!

Tank / Denim Shorts

Now let’s talk about self tanner. I don’t use a traditional self tanner. I use Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. I have been using this for at least 10 years!! It doesn’t make you orange. You don’t need to use a mit to apply it. Using this subtly tans you over 7 days with little to no streaking. And it not only gently tans, moisturizes, it also firms your skin. Love love it!!

Jergens Natural Glow / Other Jergens Natural Glow Products

Lastly this item is actually a new item that will now become a need every misquote season!! My kids just walk outside this time of year for 5 minutes and end up covered in bug bites…..🤦🏻‍♀️. If you use this fairly soon after they get the bite it really works! It sucks out the venom and takes the itch and swelling away!! Woo hoo! They say it also works on splinters…..I will

The Bug Bite Thing
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Have You Found Poshmark Yet?!

I found a great way to make a little extra money while cleaning out not only my closet, but my husbands, kids and my basement! I found Poshmark! Poshmark is a great online business that helps you sell your items to people all over the country. It is so easy and I am going to tell you how! Check out my Poshmark page here!

How does Poshmark work?

1) first you create an account. Super easy, go to and click on “sign up”, fill out your information and you are done. I added the app to my phone and do all my work through that. Please note that there is a fee every time someone makes a purchase of $2.95. Poshmark just takes the few out of your sale.

2) once you have decided what you want to sell they make it super easy. In the app you just click on the “sell” button at the bottom of your screen and they walk you through every step which takes about 5 minutes to go through. And that’s it! Your item is listed.

3) you can go through other “Poshers” to find similar people to you. You follow them and others will find you to follow you.

4) once you make a sale, they contact you and will email you the shipping label.

5). All shipments are done using USPS priority mail. You will need to pack and ship your items within 2 days of the sale. They will email to you if this does not happen to remind you.

6) you need to uses either the white priority mail boxes or a plain brown box. The white boxes are free from the post office. I even have mine delivered to me for free from

Some helpful hints:

1) make sure the items you choose to post, if not new with tags, are clean and ironed

2) take as many pictures as you can. Front, back, tags to show brand, tag to show fiber content or ingredients, any features and benefits of the item.

3) make sure to completely describe the item in the item description section. Mention any and all features and benefits, details, fabric content, brand, and condition. If there are any imperfections make sure to mention them in the description, type and size. Also be sure to add a picture of the imperfections so the buyer can see it.

Check out my page here!

4) price fairly. The goal is to sell it, right? Not to hold on to it forever. I try to start around 75% off the original price and go from there depending on the condition.

5) when you receive an offer, if the offer is within 20% of my listed price I usually accept it. But you can counter offer to test the buyer out as well!

6) I recommend reviewing your prices every week. Take a day and make that day your day to take markdowns. I do it every Sunday if needed. If items are not getting any likes or haven’t had any action in a while I will take the price lower to see if it generates any likes or offers.

7) when packing the items up to shop I like to wrap them nicely in tissue paper so it looks like a gift when they open the box. Some people like to add a little thank you note or something extra to make the customer feel special and remember your shop to go back again. I definitely recommend adding something special. It will go a long way!

Check out my poshmark page to see how I have posted my items. Also, take some time to shop if you would like! Make me an offer!

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Succulents, my new project!

I bought my first succulent during this quarantine and just fell in love with it! So cute, and seems easy enough to take care of, right? Well, not exactly. The key is not to over water them and make sure the soil is totally dry before you add water again. When watering you want to soak the soil until the water is running out the hole in the bottom of the planter. Once that is done, just leave until totally dry again.

Besides how easy or not they are to care for, they are so beautiful. So many different varieties, colors, and shapes.

I recently found this amazing shop on Etsy, Queen of Succulents. She offers so many options to choose from including this amazing find that I just received! These adorable baby succulent clippings!

12 baby succulent clippings

Once I placed my order I received them within the week. Not only were they beautifully packaged but also came along with perfect instructions on what to do with and how to handle them.

The first step (and only step really), is to plant them in dry soil and wait for them to grow roots. This process my take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. The best part is that they can all be planted together in one pot or you can separate them.

Empty bowl/ pot (similar style)
Recommend using potting soil for succulents
12 baby succulent clippings

Once they root you can replant them in different pots or keep them together!

I am so excited to see how they grow!