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New Year, New Foyer: Decorating An Empty Space

New year, new space…… yes! Since we moved into our current house 7 1/2 years ago we been renovating little by little. To complete the bottom floor we just needed to design our foyer. I always had an idea of what I wanted to do with the space but needed that one piece of inspiration.

Well, I found that inspiration in of all places, Target! Of course!! This bench started everything!Mobile Image (2)

That was all I needed and the whole vision was in place (in my head anyway). When I get started on a space I always start with shopping my own house. I look for pieces that I can use to decorate a space from the other rooms of my house and the attic and basement for items I am not using currently and already have.

I found the pillows, candles, small bowl, throw blanket and farm market can from all over my house. Note that I always buy my throw pillow covers (click here to see current sale pillow covers) at Pottery Barn in the sale section. I buy the covers and put them over my existing pillows. This is a great way to update any room by adding color or pattern.

Another great way to add color or character to the foyer is to paint the inside of your front door. I painted mine the same color as the outside, but you can paint what ever color you like.

Here are the before pics of this space:

pre foyer

And here are the after pics:

after 2 foyer

It is not over decorated or cluttered, that’s not my style.  I like clean but warm spaces.  I especially love this rug. Whether you add just a mat in front of your door or a larger rug, it is definitely needed for people to wipe their feet on.

Rug  – I love the tone it sets for this space.  It is a 5×7 rug, but you an do a mat just at the front door too.

Welcome sign – This sign was made by a local business Barn Picks & Stuff.  I absolutely love them and there products. Everything is hand made or reclaimed and refurbished.  They are a Facebook business, click on the “Welcome Sign” and see what they offer.  Many of the items are one of a kind!  Here is a closer look at it:

mobile image (3)

Light Fixture – I always use Pottery Barn for my light fixtures in all the renovations we have done.  Great quality and design.  Here are some of the other fixtures we have use throughout the house:  Large Rustic Glass Pendant (kitchen), Rustic Glass Sconce (bathroom) Armonk 6 Arm Chandelier (dining room)

Bench – This is what started the whole design of the space!  This bench is only available in store but there is a link for the site if you click on bench.

Table – This table adds a different material as it is made of metal.  Love how it fits the space. Here is closer look at the table & bench:

mobile image (4)

I still need to decide what to put above the bench and would love to hear your thoughts!!! Let me now what you think!

I am so excited this is finally done and I love it!

Happy decorating!!

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Target Finds Friday: New Year, New Him

At the start of every year I always try to be more consistent with an exercise routine. You know, the whole New Year, new you thing. Well in 2018 I focused on getting fit during the Summer and Fall once I joined a kickboxing gym. (Side note, I love it and I’ll tell you more about why in another post.) So when New Years just passed, I wasn’t stressed about starting up a routine, but more about continuing my current one.

What was exciting this New Year’s, was my husband was ready to focus on getting fit. He joined a gym with a friend, which I think is great for accountability. He hasn’t had a fitness routine in a long time and wanted to get some new clothes. Thankfully, retailers know how many of us are focused on fitness after the New Year and many have great deals on clothes, equipment, accessories etc. 

My go to for many things is Target. So I was thrilled to see they are having a deal of activewear​ starting at $10! 

Now my husband is kind of picky when it comes to clothes he will wear while working out. He wants them to feel soft and have high performance to keep moisture away etc. But he doesn’t want them to feel too synthetic or scratchy. Well he is raving about the C9 line. Soft fabric. Holds up well during a workout. Nice fit without being too snug or boxy. And the prices were great! Here are some of his favorites that I would definitely recommend you pick up for any guy in your life looking to reboot their workout wardrobe. 

Men’s Tech T-Shirt
Men’s Running Pants
Men’s Long Sleeve Tech T-Shirt
Men’s Soft Touch Jogger Pant

Happy sweating!


Target Finds Friday

Target is at it again!!  Below are 3 major finds that I needed to bring to you all this week!

So I was doing my weekly stroll through Target with my daughter and came across this coat! I immediately had to put it on. I have been wanting one of those Teddy Coats that are so on trend this season but did not want to spend the price tags that are out there which are north of $100. This entire outfit was under $123! Please excuse the un-manicured pedi!

Target find 2

Coat – Love the fit and make of this coat.  On trend and perfect with this black dress or jeans and a t-shirt. TTS, I am wearing a small.

Black Dress – This is the perfect t-shirt dress.  It has an amazing fit, not clingy and super soft.  I love it with the shoes here, tall boots or booties for now, cute sneakers or sandals for spring!  So many options to dress up or more casual! TTS, l am wearing a small.

Shoes – I have to say that I have never purchased a pair of shoes from Target for myself, but I love these.  TTS and comfortable! Block heel!

Now for this sweatshirt.  It is possibly one the most comfy items I own right now and I can’t stop wearing it!  And for $17.99 totally worth it! This is Junior sizing so I sized up to a medium.

Mobile Image (1)

Camo (I am wearing), Elephant graphic version, “Blessed” verbiage“All I Need is Love and Tacos” verbiage.  All are so cute!

Next I was on my way to the check out when I found this bench!!  I have been looking for a bench for my entryway for over a year now.  The ones I find are either just not right or too expensive.  The bench is perfect!! I see it layered with a pretty blanket and pillows.

Mobile Image (2)I do not see it on the website yet to provide a link but as soon as I do I will re-post.  For now it is in store.  It is wood and approx 3-4 feet wide. Price is $199.99. Just what I have been looking for! 

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

In honor of the first of the year, we looked back on what we’ve accomplished and how we are excited for what 2019 will bring. In 2018 we took the plunge to launch Rockstar Moms. In 2019, we can’t wait to see how much it grows and helps us grow and bring enjoyment to our personal and professional lives.

To start, we wanted to share our New Years resolutions with you. 

Hi Colleen here!

As for me, I have never wanted to pressure myself with a New Years resolution. I have always let life take over and consume my everyday and not have that one thing for myself to focus on. So, for this year I am so excited to have this blog as the one thing for me to focus on for myself. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but so far it has been nothing short of exciting to write these blogs full of my likes, thoughts, and family.
My resolution is to continue to focus on this blog and learning from all of you out there what you want to hear about!! I am super excited to watch Rockstar Moms grow!  Happy New Year’s from my family to yours!

Mobile Image (3)

Hi guys, It’s Liz!

In past years, I have never really told anyone what my New Year’s resolution were. Full disclosure,  I dont know if I have ever actually come up with one. I never wanted the accountability to follow through. It was always so much easier to keep going as normal.  But as I’ve been trying to focus on this journey over the last few months, I have already learned that without accountability,  I avoid moving forward and facing so much unknown territory.  If I’m going to truly learn and grow as a person through this blog, then I need to consistently put myself out there and share.
So here goes…my New Years resolution is to post at least once a week. I know that may not seem like much, but you have to start somewhere!  Happy New Year’s from all of us!

Hausner New Years

We would love to hear from you and what your New Year’s resolutions are, big or small!  

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous New Year and we hope you enjoy all the fun content we’ll bring you in 2019!


Colleen and Liz


Trunk Club: Easy Shopping For Moms On The Go

Mobile Image

I know subscription boxes are a huge business right now and I love them for my daughter and beauty products. I just never really liked them for apparel for myself. I found they didn’t really get what my style was really about or the actual products were not the quality I look for. I know that I can be very picky and I know what I like. So when I was talking to a friend about her Trunk Club I decided to give it a go!

First of all when joining Trunk Club it starts like most of these types of things, you fill out a questionnaire about yourself, sizing, what types and styles you like and stores you like. You get to leave a message for your stylist on what you would like (looks for a vaca, mid season refresh, all shoes, and even the price points you want to stick to, etc..). You will also get to set up how often you want a trunk sent (monthly, quarterly, 2 times per year, or even if this is just a one time trunk). They will then put together everything from accessories to lingerie to jeans and boots. The trunk will consist of 12-15 items.

Before your trunk is sent to you your stylist will reach out with any questions they may have to make sure they are perfecting the items for you. They will also email you pics of everything they want to send in your trunk. This gives you the opportunity to reject items you don’t like, or ask for different colors, more of one type of item, or different price points. The stylist will then replace whatever you did not like and either send out the trunk or email you again the new items for approval. I think it is important to note that this is a Nordstrom company. So your stylist has the total Nordstrom inventory to choose from!!

For this trunk request I asked for cozy items for the winter days we will have coming up. The price points she pulled ranged from $15.20 for a long sleeved T-shirt to $119 for a pair of Barefoot Dreams lounge pants (A total splurge but if you haven’t tried anything from this brand do yourself a favor!! So amazingly soft and one of “you know who’s” favorite things!)

Below are the looks I put together from everything my stylist sent me with links to shop the items if you like!

Trunk Club 1

Stripe Tee – Love the tunic length for leggings and the high side slits. Currently on sale for $7.60!

Leggings – Love these!  High waist, thick (so not se through at all), and super tight. I am seriously considering buying the other colors……..

Black Funnel Neck Sweatshirt – Has thumb holes (that says it all)! Comes in so many pretty colors!

Jacquard Scarf – literally goes with every outfit

Fringe Sleeve Sweater – FP sweater is sold out

Lace Up Boots – Fur lined

Trunk Club 2

Blue Funnel Neck Sweatshirt – Same as the black one above

Hooded Sweater – Sold out but amazingly soft and has kangaroo pocket! (Size down one size)

Lounge top & Pant – these are the Barefoot Dreams items I mentioned before.  A super splurge but your worth it!

Sherpa lined Boots – So comfy and soft inside (Size up 1/2 size).  Currently on sale for under $60.00!

Trunk Club 3

Just a closer look at the boots linked above.

A few additional things you must know before you sign up for your first trunk. First, they will charge you a $25 styling fee, but this fee will be subtracted from your purchase. Second, there is no shipping fee to receive or send back your trunk, so that’s a win win situation. Third, they send you all the packing needs to repackage the items you are not keeping. You can also schedule a free pickup from UPS to come to your house. You can also drop the return off at any UPS location. Forth, you have 5 days to try on everything and see how it all works with your closet and decide what you are keeping and returning. The process is super easy to check out for what you what to keep and send back. They will email you to walk you through the whole process.
I would call this a success for me!

Enjoy and have fun!!

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Target Finds Friday

As I was strolling through Target today I came across their amazing mug assortment. It reminded me of what great gifts they make, not only during the holidays but for any occasion all year long! Here were some of my favorites from today today! And for only $5.99 you can’t pass them up!

Target Mugs (3)

Snuggle Mug – Sold out online, but in stock in store!

Hello Gorgeous

Strong & Beautiful

We Can Do This

Happy Day

No Drama

Shop the total assortment here

Keep in mind that if any of you still have holiday gatherings this weekend or New Years parties coming up they make great hostess gifts!! Also a great add on gift to a throw blanket or their favorite coffee shop gift card.

Enjoy the smiles they will bring!!

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Best Gift for 10 Year Old Girls!(Or anyone really)

Ok! First of all I hope everyone out there had a great holiday!! I could not have imagined my Daughter’s reaction to the Fuji Instax Mini 9 camera. She actually cried with joy! I have never seen her have that reaction to a gift before and it was so sincere. I knew I had to let you all know about it!

Isabella literally proceeded to capture the entire day in photos. This camera prints mini instant picture just like the old Polaroid cameras from when I was a child. You can find all different “packages” available. The one Santa 😉 choose was the package pictured above with the camera, camera case, photo book, picture frames, different colored lenses, batteries, film and stickers. you can also just get the camera too, here. So cute! It also comes in many colors to choose from and all the accessories are available separately as well.

I would highly recommend this gift for any little girl (or boy) on your life!!

Making memories!!