Kidpik Subscription Box

Holiday Kidpik Subscription Box


I love a good subscription box.  Who Doesn’t!?  The fun and suspense of what’s inside!  What will surprise me in a good way!?  We have been subscribing to Kidpik for about 2 years now for my daughter and absolutely love it!  It is so much fun for her to open and know that if she loves the items she can keep them and if she does not, well then, they can be returned with no obligation to anything.

How Kidpik Works:

When you go to the Kidpik site,, you can set up an account.  You will need to enter things, such as, address, credit card info, when you would like to receive your picks.  Then your daughter will get to set up her profile (this is the fun part).  She will be able to control telling Kidpik what her favorite colors are, rank how “sparkly” she is, choose from pre-set up outfits what she likes the best, and also what stores she likes to shop at.  This helps them choose the picks for her boxes.

It is very important to note that there is zero obligation to keep anything you receive in your box.  There are also no shipping fees to receive or return. You can keep everything, pick and choose what you want to keep , or send it all back!

In an average box you will receive on 7 items, that make about 4-5 outfits.  This may include dresses, skirts, pants, tops, shoes, accessories, and always a “Gift for you” that you can keep even if you send everything else back.

The box will arrive looking like this:

Mobile Image (21)It will be addressed to you daughter.  It is very exciting for Isabella when she comes home from school and sees this box at our door step!

When she opens the box everything is wrapped up beautifully and some items are in these amazing reusable drawstring bags (which I use when we travel for toiletries or shoes).

opening Kidpik

Isabella’s box came with a pair of black pants, 2 tops, 2 dresses, a pair of ADORABLE booties, hair ties and her “gift” of super cool pins (3 of them).  In the past the “gift” has been patches, pins, bracelets.

KP outfit laydown

Her try on session! Needless to say she is keeping everything!!

KP outfit tryon

Now for the details

The price points for this box ranged from $16.50 for the Rock T-shirt to $32.50 for the booties.  A very important note is that if you keep everything you get 30% off the total purchase, and this is for every box.  So to keep this entire box will be $101.85.  We received 7 items so that is $14.55 per item, on average.

Another very important note is that if you do not want to keep all the items but, sometimes, it is less expensive to buy everything and get the 30% off.  You can donate the items you do not want to keep by paying for everything, sending back the item you do not want to keep in the pre-paid shipment bag and Kidpik will donate the items to girls in need. in the community around them.

From what I have seen so far in the 2 years we have been receiving boxes is that this company delivers quality clothing at a great value and cares about the community around them.

Another important note is that the actual boxes are great to reuse for abosultly anything.  Isabella uses them to store her dolls, shopkins, play school supplies……the options are endless!

Cheers to Kidpik!!

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