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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

In honor of the first of the year, we looked back on what we’ve accomplished and how we are excited for what 2019 will bring. In 2018 we took the plunge to launch Rockstar Moms. In 2019, we can’t wait to see how much it grows and helps us grow and bring enjoyment to our personal and professional lives.

To start, we wanted to share our New Years resolutions with you. 

Hi Colleen here!

As for me, I have never wanted to pressure myself with a New Years resolution. I have always let life take over and consume my everyday and not have that one thing for myself to focus on. So, for this year I am so excited to have this blog as the one thing for me to focus on for myself. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but so far it has been nothing short of exciting to write these blogs full of my likes, thoughts, and family.
My resolution is to continue to focus on this blog and learning from all of you out there what you want to hear about!! I am super excited to watch Rockstar Moms grow!  Happy New Year’s from my family to yours!

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Hi guys, It’s Liz!

In past years, I have never really told anyone what my New Year’s resolution were. Full disclosure,  I dont know if I have ever actually come up with one. I never wanted the accountability to follow through. It was always so much easier to keep going as normal.  But as I’ve been trying to focus on this journey over the last few months, I have already learned that without accountability,  I avoid moving forward and facing so much unknown territory.  If I’m going to truly learn and grow as a person through this blog, then I need to consistently put myself out there and share.
So here goes…my New Years resolution is to post at least once a week. I know that may not seem like much, but you have to start somewhere!  Happy New Year’s from all of us!

Hausner New Years

We would love to hear from you and what your New Year’s resolutions are, big or small!  

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous New Year and we hope you enjoy all the fun content we’ll bring you in 2019!


Colleen and Liz

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