Target Finds Friday: Swimwear for the kids- at a great value

In the middle of winter it’s hard to imagine that summer, and bathing suit season, are right around the corner! 

And every year I procrastinate looking for swimwear for the kids since I figure we have so much time. But this year the kids started swim lessons this month. That helped get me on the ball to realize last years suits barely fit and it was time to place an order.

So where did I start? Target of course.

They just launched a full line of swimwear for both boys and girls and still have plenty of sizes stocked.

I can’t rave enough about these suits. They are my go to each year. 

The fit is great. They offer different silhouettes for girls which help when different cuts will fit my daughter better than others. My son is on the tall and skinny side and these board shorts stay up great even when he’s jumping off the diving board.

Quality and value is top notch. I wash them in garment bags in the washer and air dry. They hold up all season. The kids out grow them before the suits start to look too worn. 

So overall, I recommend you get ahead and stock up for the summer or maybe you have a vacation planned this Spring. Either way, the kids will look adorable and you’ll know you got a great value!

Here are their favorite looks from last summer and their picks for this year:

Violette and Mason last summer in Ocean City

Top picks for Violette this year

Bought this one again this year with a matching cover-up and they came out with a 2nd print option. So adorable!

Floral Skirt One Piece Swimsuit
Tassel Woven Cover-Up
Rainbow Print One Piece Swimsuit

Also tried two new silhouettes with another cute cover-up

Skirted One Piece Swimsuit
Flutter Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit
Tassel Woven Cover-Up

Top picks for Mason this year (he loved all the bright colors and animal themes)

Ombre Rash Guard
Rainbow Striped Swim Trunks
Shark Rash Guard
Shark Swim Trunks

And they came back with his favorite from last year so I picked up the next size.

Whale Rash Guard
Whale Swim Trunks

Looking forward to that warmer weather!


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