Trunk Club: Easy Shopping For Moms On The Go

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I know subscription boxes are a huge business right now and I love them for my daughter and beauty products. I just never really liked them for apparel for myself. I found they didn’t really get what my style was really about or the actual products were not the quality I look for. I know that I can be very picky and I know what I like. So when I was talking to a friend about her Trunk Club I decided to give it a go!

First of all, when joining Trunk Club it starts like most of these types of things, you fill out a questionnaire about yourself, sizing, what types and styles you like and stores you shop. You get to leave a message for your stylist on what you would like (looks for a vaca, mid season refresh, all shoes, and even the price points you want to stick to, etc..). You will also get to set up how often you want a trunk sent (monthly, quarterly, 2 times per year, or even if this is just a one time trunk). They will then put together everything from accessories to lingerie to jeans and boots. The trunk will consist of 12-15 items.

Before your trunk is sent to you your stylist will reach out with any questions they may have to make sure they are perfecting the items for you. They will also email you pics of everything they want to send in your trunk. This gives you the opportunity to reject items you don’t like, or ask for different colors, more of one type of item, or different price points. The stylist will then replace whatever you did not like and either send out the trunk or email you again the new items for approval. I think it is important to note that this is a Nordstrom company. So your stylist has the total Nordstrom inventory to choose from!!

For this trunk request I asked for cozy items for the winter days we will have coming up. The price points she pulled ranged from $15.20 for a long sleeved T-shirt to $119 for a pair of Barefoot Dreams lounge pants (A total splurge but if you haven’t tried anything from this brand do yourself a favor!! So amazingly soft and one of “you know who’s” favorite things!)

Below are the looks I put together from everything my stylist sent me with links to shop the items if you like!

Trunk Club 1

Stripe Tee – Love the tunic length for leggings and the high side slits. Currently on sale for $7.60!

Leggings – Love these!  High waist, thick (so not se through at all), and super tight. I am seriously considering buying the other colors……..

Black Funnel Neck Sweatshirt – Has thumb holes (that says it all)! Comes in so many pretty colors!

Jacquard Scarf – literally goes with every outfit

Fringe Sleeve Sweater – FP sweater is sold out

Lace Up Boots – Fur lined

Trunk Club 2

Blue Funnel Neck Sweatshirt – Same as the black one above

Hooded Sweater – Sold out but amazingly soft and has kangaroo pocket! (Size down one size)

Lounge top & Pant – these are the Barefoot Dreams items I mentioned before.  A super splurge but your worth it!

Sherpa lined Boots – So comfy and soft inside (Size up 1/2 size).  Currently on sale for under $60.00!

Trunk Club 3

Just a closer look at the boots linked above.

A few additional things you must know before you sign up for your first trunk. First, they will charge you a $25 styling fee, but this fee will be subtracted from your purchase. Second, there is no shipping fee to receive or send back your trunk, so that’s a win win situation. Third, they send you all the packing materials to repackage the items you are not keeping. You can also schedule a free pickup from UPS to come to your house or you can drop the return off at any UPS location. Forth, you have 5 days to try on everything and see how it all works with your closet and decide what you are keeping and returning. The process is super easy to check out for what you what to keep and send back. They will email you to walk you through the whole process.

I would call this a success for me! Check it out for yourself !

Enjoy and have fun!!


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