Baby Savings Days @Walmart

February is typically baby month in retail baby market. And Walmart is having their Baby Savings Days sale online till 2/28. So if you have a little one, are expecting, or need to find a great gift, you still have time to snag some great deals. There are so many great deals from gear, furniture, feeding products to toys – check them out!

And here are my top items that I loved for both of my kids:

Graco Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Carlen

Graco Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
$149.99 with Free 2 Day Shipping!
I am still using this car seat for my daughter. She just turned 4 and has been in this seat since I took her out of her infant seat. It truly is a convertible car seat. I started with her rear facing and more reclined. She is forward facing now and more upright. The fabric has held up great. All of the removable cushions work very well and come out easily as she has grown. The overall size of the seat is great because it’s large enough to be roomy and comfy for her, but doesn’t take up part of the middle seat in our Honda Pilot. So 3 people can still fit in the back seat. I also love the 2 cup holders. Not a total necessity but really comes in handy to hold snacks etc besides just cups.
Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker, Winslet

Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker
I’ll be honest. I did not make the right choice for my first swing that I purchased for my son. I picked a new brand and style out that focused more on a gliding motion vs a true swing and rocking motion. Bottom line, my son hated it! Cried every time I tried to put him in it. So I borrowed this swing from a friend and he love it! It gave me those extra moments of rest and peace and quiet to shower, do laundry, or just take a well needed break. It worked so well that I went out and purchased my own. When I had my daughter, she loved it as well. This is a very good gift as well and for less than $100 it’s a steal!
Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Playard with Bassinet, Pasadena

Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard with Bassinet
In my opinion, a pack ‘n play is a necessity. I can’t tell you how many times I used it for both of my kids. When they were infants, I kept it set up downstairs for naps so I didn’t have to go back up the stairs too many times. As they got older I used it for naps if we were out and about at other houses. And it came in handy if we were ever away from home overnight. They are also great to have extras of if you need it at a grandparents or baby sitters house. I found that the basic model worked best. I never used any of the upgrades that came with the higher model I purchased. This one is perfect for what you need and it will last! Amazing steal!
Graco Affix Backless Booster Car Seat, Davenport

Graco Affix Backless Booster Car Seat
If you have a child who is ready to move up to a backless booster, this one is great. I picked up a few to have as extras for my son so I could keep them in our cars and with the grandparents. Very affordable and provide the right amount of height so the seatbelt hits appropriately on their chest and shoulders. Cup holder is a plus. It’s also lightweight enough that my son and put it in and out of the car himself and move it as needed to fasten himself in.
Brilliant Beginnings Neptune's Play Mat

Brilliant Beginnings Neptune’s Play Mat
A play mat is a new mom’s best friend! My children have spent hours with theirs as little ones (don’t worry, I mixed the time with tummy time too:) ). They are a life saver when your arms need a break. They provide those first play moments teaching them to focus on objects, reach and stretch their body, and start practicing rolling and trying to move to reach the toys. Great gift for yourself or someone else!
Bright Starts Walker with Activity Station - JuneBerry

Bright Starts Walker with Activity Station
When your baby gets to the stage when they can hold themselves up enough, it helps to have an extra place for them to sit and play where they can’t get into trouble. It allows you to have those extra moments to get things done, especially if you have other kids. I didn’t want to spend a ton of $ on extra items but needed something for my daughter to play in since she was ready to be on the go. This walker was perfect. She could take laps around the kitchen and dining room and I could keep an eye on her while doing other things. The price at less than $40 makes it even more perfect!
VTech Stroll & Discover Activity Walker

VTech Stroll & Discover Activity Walker
This is by far and away my kid’s favorite toy as older babies to little toddlers! This would be an amazing gift or to pick up yourself. My kids loved sitting in front of it playing on the buttons before they could stand or walk. Then as they started becoming more mobile, they pushed it all around the house! This toy was loved so much it even came on vacations with us! Definitely a winner!
Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Purple

Fisher-Price Corn Popper
If you are in the market for a cute shower gift, this is an oldie and a goodie. My kids have played with this from around 1 years till 4! At only $7 you can pick up another gift item as well that I’m sure the mom-to-be will love.

Happy baby shopping!

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