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Target Find Friday: Adorable Door Mats

Welcome to March!! I was so excited last week when I saw that my Tulips are starting to grow!! The first sign of Spring! This makes me want to start planning the flowers I will be planting in my garden and what I will do about decorating my front porch!

Now that winter is coming to an end it is time to get rid of the old door mat that I loved at the beginning of the season but now looks like it has been through some tough times….. and freshen it up with a new one. Target has an adorable selection starting at $12.99. See below the 4 that I need to chose from!

Home Sweet Home / Welcome / All Over Floral / Braided

See the whole collection by clicking here.

I am also loving how so many of you ladies are layering your door mats over larger rugs. Well, Target does not disappoint on that either and has a great selection of throw rugs to use. See what was able to whip up in the store this past weekend!

Black & White Rug
Blue Rug

I would love to hear which are your favorites!!! Leave a comment to let me know!


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