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Vine Oh!!! Possibly the best subscription box ever!!

We have posted about the Vine OH! subscription box in the past already, but I just had to post about the recent box that just came out for Mother’s Day.  I gifted my parents with this subscription for Christmas this past year thinking my Dad would enjoy the wines and my Mom would enjoy all the beauty/jewelry/home products (and of course a sip of wine here and there!).  So far they have received 3 boxes, so they will only get 1 more, sadly.

What I love about this box and what makes it such a great gift is when it ships it is totally curated toward whatever the upcoming holiday is (winter holiday, valentines, mother’s day etc…).  In terms of the wines that are selected, you get to choose if you want all reds, all whites, a mix, or all sweet.  The other products are always completely different from the prior box.  They can be anything from  jewelry, home decor items, makeup palettes, bath items, candles, wine glasses, key chains, any thing and everything!  All of this makes it such a surprise when it is received.

The details on the Vine Oh!:  Every box is guaranteed to consist of at least a $120 value of products for $59.99 per box.

You will pick the type of wines you enjoy.  All red, all white, one of each, or all sweet and you will always get 2 bottles. This time we got a Chardonnay and a Rose (perfect for summer!!)

The box will come with 5-6 full size products: beauty, home decor, or treats (endless options).  This delivery was set up for the perfect Mother’s Day/Spa Day for yourself with home fragrance, hair towel, body lotion, face mask and of course yummy chocolates to enjoy while you pamper yourself!

You will also get a description card on each item in your box.  The card will give you what the item is, how to use it, why they loved it and added it to the box, and any special offers for you if you would like to order that item again

You choose whether you want to buy quarterly for $59.99 ( a one time only) or buy a yearly subscription for $225 ($56.25 per box)

It will also always be beautifully wrapped with the wines in the same box but separate and well padded to ensure it all gets to you safe and intact.

After seeing 3 of the boxes delivered and how my parents, and I (of course) have enjoyed all the items I can’t say enough amazing things about this service! I would highly recommend Vine Oh! to you all either as a gift to yourself that delivers all year long or a one time gift to friends and family!! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries! It will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!! Check it out here to see for yourself!

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