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Happy Birthday to My Rockstar Mom!!

We were lucky enough to spend an amazing afternoon at the Mathis House, Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room, to celebrate my Moms birthday. What an amazing place. This 122 year old, 8000 sq ft home resides in Toms River, New Jersey. If you live in New Jersey it is so worth a trip to enjoy an amazing afternoon tea service or a stay in one of their 5 bed & breakfast rooms.

Since we went for the afternoon tea service, I will start there! You walk up to your table so beautifully set and you choose your tea cup! All of the china throughout the service is beautifully miss matched. Makes for fun conversation.

This service includes a pot of tea for each person and a 5 course lunch. They have, I believe, over 80 teas to choose from on a regular day and also additional special teas during holiday season. We each choose a different tea for all of us to try such as Spirit of Christmas, Orange & Cranberry, Peppermint Bark, and Love Shack (such fun names, right?!). Each pot was served in these adorable cozies!

The first course was this delicious pasta salad followed by broccoli and cheese soup served in the prettiest tea cup. What I loved was that there was no rush and plenty of time in between courses to enjoy the food and your company.

The third, fourth and fifth courses were served all together on a beautiful 3 tiered server. On the bottom was finger sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad w/ apples & grapes, egg salad, and artichoke tarts), next was scones served with clotted cream, then topped off with amazing sweet treats! I think my daughters face say it all!

I can honestly say that every single item tasted better than the last! I was so full I could not eat another thing for the rest of the day!

A super fun part of the experience is to really get into the role with these fasinators. They also have beautiful hats to chose from if you forgot yours at home! I loved looking around all the different rooms to see all the guests taking part in this tradition.

After our tea service was done, we were invited to take a tour of the second floor where the Bed & Breakfast resides. We were created by the owner who told us all about the amazing history of this historic home.

The stair case leading upstairs. There are beautiful stain glass windows all throughout.
The landing at the top of the stairs surrounded by the rooms
You will also find the unlimited wine service and coffee service offered to guests of the Bed & Breakfast As a guest you will also get a 3 course breakfast and beach tags for the beautiful Jersey shore!

Next, I was able to take pictures of 4 of the 5 beautiful rooms you can stay in! Each have their own en-suite and was more beautiful than the last. They are also named!

This is really just a taste of what awaits an afternoon or weekend spent at the Mathis House. If you get a chance to visit you will be completely taken care of and sure to thoroughly enjoy every minute of your visit. Check it out here


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