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Succulents, my new project!

I bought my first succulent during this quarantine and just fell in love with it! So cute, and seems easy enough to take care of, right? Well, not exactly. The key is not to over water them and make sure the soil is totally dry before you add water again. When watering you want to soak the soil until the water is running out the hole in the bottom of the planter. Once that is done, just leave until totally dry again.

Besides how easy or not they are to care for, they are so beautiful. So many different varieties, colors, and shapes.

I recently found this amazing shop on Etsy, Queen of Succulents. She offers so many options to choose from including this amazing find that I just received! These adorable baby succulent clippings!

12 baby succulent clippings

Once I placed my order I received them within the week. Not only were they beautifully packaged but also came along with perfect instructions on what to do with and how to handle them.

The first step (and only step really), is to plant them in dry soil and wait for them to grow roots. This process my take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. The best part is that they can all be planted together in one pot or you can separate them.

Empty bowl/ pot (similar style)
Recommend using potting soil for succulents
12 baby succulent clippings

Once they root you can replant them in different pots or keep them together!

I am so excited to see how they grow!

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