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Have You Found Poshmark Yet?!

I found a great way to make a little extra money while cleaning out not only my closet, but my husbands, kids and my basement! I found Poshmark! Poshmark is a great online business that helps you sell your items to people all over the country. It is so easy and I am going to tell you how! Check out my Poshmark page here!

How does Poshmark work?

1) first you create an account. Super easy, go to and click on “sign up”, fill out your information and you are done. I added the app to my phone and do all my work through that. Please note that there is a fee every time someone makes a purchase of $2.95. Poshmark just takes the few out of your sale.

2) once you have decided what you want to sell they make it super easy. In the app you just click on the “sell” button at the bottom of your screen and they walk you through every step which takes about 5 minutes to go through. And that’s it! Your item is listed.

3) you can go through other “Poshers” to find similar people to you. You follow them and others will find you to follow you.

4) once you make a sale, they contact you and will email you the shipping label.

5). All shipments are done using USPS priority mail. You will need to pack and ship your items within 2 days of the sale. They will email to you if this does not happen to remind you.

6) you need to uses either the white priority mail boxes or a plain brown box. The white boxes are free from the post office. I even have mine delivered to me for free from

Some helpful hints:

1) make sure the items you choose to post, if not new with tags, are clean and ironed

2) take as many pictures as you can. Front, back, tags to show brand, tag to show fiber content or ingredients, any features and benefits of the item.

3) make sure to completely describe the item in the item description section. Mention any and all features and benefits, details, fabric content, brand, and condition. If there are any imperfections make sure to mention them in the description, type and size. Also be sure to add a picture of the imperfections so the buyer can see it.

Check out my page here!

4) price fairly. The goal is to sell it, right? Not to hold on to it forever. I try to start around 75% off the original price and go from there depending on the condition.

5) when you receive an offer, if the offer is within 20% of my listed price I usually accept it. But you can counter offer to test the buyer out as well!

6) I recommend reviewing your prices every week. Take a day and make that day your day to take markdowns. I do it every Sunday if needed. If items are not getting any likes or haven’t had any action in a while I will take the price lower to see if it generates any likes or offers.

7) when packing the items up to shop I like to wrap them nicely in tissue paper so it looks like a gift when they open the box. Some people like to add a little thank you note or something extra to make the customer feel special and remember your shop to go back again. I definitely recommend adding something special. It will go a long way!

Check out my poshmark page to see how I have posted my items. Also, take some time to shop if you would like! Make me an offer!

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