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July Amazon Finds!

July’s finds are all completely different things that have nothing to do with each other. A bug bite thing, a book, a tee, a romper, dress, and a few games! Oh, and my fav hat again! Check out my thoughts below!


My kids just walk outside this time of year for 5 minutes and end up covered in bug bites…..🤦🏻‍♀️ If you use this fairly soon after they get the bite it really works! It sucks out the venom and takes the itch and swelling away!! Woo hoo! They say it also works on splinters…..I will have to give that a try too!

The Bug Bite Thing

2 & 3) Easy Breezy Dress and Fav One and Only Hat

I am normally a midi or maxi dress girl, but this dress is such a great fit I had to try it! Love the fit! Love the fabrication! The hand feel is so soft and there is a ton of stretch so makes this incredibly comfortable. The length is perfect and not too short. Oh, and it comes in a ton of colors and prints! Now to this hat! I can’t say enough amazing things about this hat! I had to buy it twice! Unfortunately I lost the first one I bought somewhere along the way. I tried a ton of others to replace it, but none lived up to the original. So I just bought it again! It is perfect on everyone! This also comes in a ton of color options too!

Dress / Hat


So what makes a T-shirt perfect to me?! This one hits all the pionts below!

1. soft fabrication

2. Not see through

3. Perfect fit (not too tight/ not too big)

4. Great length to wear multiple ways

5. Great sleeve fit. Doesn’t bell out

And this one has a longer shirt tail hem which makes it great to wear with leggings or bike shorts!! Plus it comes in tons of colors!!

Vneck T-shirt / Denim Shorts / sneakers

5) Family Game Night

Looking for a fun family game night? Or something to do on and rainy day? These are great options! We we’re heading to the beach for a week and it was looking like it may rain a bit while we were down there so the kids picked these out to keep us having fun on and vacay!

Clue / Do you know me? / LCR

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