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What is your Face Mask Style?

Are you a molded face mask person? Or do you like the pleated fabric style? Or do simply prefer the disposable style? Or you may be like me and wear them all!

I have found that depending on what my plans are for the day determines which face mask I will be wearing. I will I be mostly outside? Is it super hot out? Am I going to the mall? Here are some of my favorites for all occasions!

Molded Face Masks

Stripe & Gingham (2 pack) / Floral (3 pack)

I love these styles! I love the seersucker and ruffles on the the stripe and gingham. The floral is part of a 3 pack that comes with beautiful prints!

Pleated Material Face Masks

This 3 pack shown / others available (all are super cute)

I find the pleated type to be more flexible with how they fit.

Disposable Face Masks

Blue / Black / White / Pink

Loving that even the disposable types now are being offered in your choice of colors!! The pink is adorable!

No matter what your face mask style is, looks like we will be wearing them for a long time! This is more than ok with me! As long as we are all staying safe!

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