About Liz


Hi there!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog.  I hope you enjoy our posts as much as we have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Now, I would love to share a little bit about myself!

I’m a 30 something mom to two amazing kids (most days).  Mason is 6 years old and Violette is 3 years old (and fully in the threenager stage).

Like many of you, my days are hectic.  Constantly running from one thing to the next while trying to find some balance between work, family, and friends.  While raising two little ones, I find I am so busy, that I often rush through all the special little moments.

What’s that old saying?  The days are long, but the years are short?

I feel like I can relate very much to this sentiment!  The years continue to fly by.  And over the last few months, I’ve been been on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery.  Taking a hard look at what makes me happy, what I enjoy doing, and where I want to spend my time and energy.  Without a doubt, my kids, family, and friends are most important to me.  I want to spend more time enjoying all the special things life has to offer, and sharing them with others that feel the same way.  This has all led to me joining Rockstar Moms.

I’m excited to share with you all of my favorite things.  I love fashion and color (especially blue).  Since my lifestyle revolves around running after kids, I would describe my fashion style as comfortable and cute.  But I love finding ways to add trends to my look, as long as it’s practical!  I love being creative, despite not having artistic talent.  I love to travel, but I am a homebody at heart and love to create a home that is warm and inviting.

I have always approached life being more cautious and introverted.  Putting myself out there through this blog will be quite a change for me.

But I am excited for the challenge and know this will be quite an adventure.

Thanks for sharing it with me!