After 20ish years in the fashion industry, we have been lucky to be part of an exciting world that is creative, fast paced, and where you aren’t judged for excessive shopping!
But the allure of traveling and studying trends starts to go from exhilarating….to exhausting.  What has saved us along the way, is being able to lean on friends for support who are going through the same thing!

Consistently trying to be the best we can be in every aspect of our lives is so tough. Always working to do the best you can… at home, at work, for your family, your kids, your spouse, your friends, coworkers, you get the point.
And after commiserating together countless times, we realized that so many of us are trying to do this same thing.

But here’s the best part.
Even though you wonder how you will make it through all the stuff that gets packed into each day, you are rocking it!

Yes, we all may go to work with stains on our clothes, are willing to do just about anything to get our kids to eat a decent meal, would kill to have a week night and weekend that isn’t taken up by shuttling the kids to sports and ANOTHER birthday party, and wish on a daily basis that our kids would stop ignoring us and would get off their phones, tablets, video games…

But we are all rockstars! We are rockstars for trying to do the best we can, every day.
Some days are better than others! Some days we are more patient, more kind, more fun. Other days….not so much. But we keep moving forward every day. And when we have a bad day, we try to do a little better the next. And are thankful that it does take a village, so we have each other to lean on.

So that’s how rockstar moms was born.

We want to be here on the crazy journey with you, to be the best we can be… rockstar-moms!

Every day our goal is to make achieving the balance a little easier. When you only have 5 min to yourself, we are here to share with you the best of fashion for you, must-haves for the kids, and anything else we find to enhance your lifestyle.
We are excited to be on the journey with you!

Xoxo Colleen and Liz