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Group Candy T-Shirts- Perfect Family Halloween Outfit

The finished product!

Once I had my kiddos, I became much more excited about Halloween! I love all the prep- picking out pumpkins, making gift bags for friends at school, making sure we have the right amount of candy for the big night, and of course picking out the costumes! But when I have to find outfits for us all to wear as a family, that is where I struggle to think of something creative!

Last Halloween, we were invited to a Halloween party at my son’s friend’s house from daycare. I originally thought it was just a costume party for the kids, so I figured I was all set and they would wear their regular Halloween costumes that they were planning on wearing on Halloween night. But I was in for a big surprise two days before the party when I found out the adults had to dress up too!!! Ugh!

With very little time, I had to come up with outfits that I could buy or make in one day! I had seen someone post m&m shirts being sold online and figured- I could make those! So I headed over to AC Moore to figure out my game plan. By the way, I have been loving AC Moore. It has become by go-to for so many projects which I will continue to showcase here on the blog. Lot’s of great stuff and they are always having sales or coupons which make the projects very affordable.

I had never made these shirts before so I wasn’t sure of all the supplies I would need. But I made a list of what I thought and figured I would make it up as I went along! The kids loved being able to pick out their own colors. My only goal was to have 4 different colors so we could represent an m&m pack as much as we could.

Besides the actual t-shirts, here are the main supplies I needed:

  • Felt for the letter m. Black is shown here but used the same brand and size in white for the project
  • Glue gun and extra glue refills
  • Wooden letter m to use as an outline. I chose the lower case m to match the m&m logo

First step was I laid out the white felt into one big piece. Then I used the wooden m and traced it on the white felt 4x, 1 for each tee I was making. I then cut out each m using fabric scissors. You can use regular scissors, but I already owned the fabric ones and felt they cut a little faster and the cuts were cleaner.

Next step, I laid each tee shirt flat and measured where I wanted the m to sit. Once I decided on placement, I cut out a piece of felt to use for all of the other tees so that the placement was the same on each shirt. I measured from the neckline down so that the placement could be consistent even though the t-shirts were all different sizes.

When I was happy with the placement and ready to use the glue gun, I needed a hard surface to lay the shirts on and provide stability when gluing. I used a hard place mat which also kept the glue gun steady while warming up and not in use.

It was finally time to start gluing. Once the glue gun was warmed up, I applied the glue on the underneath part of the m, ensuring I kept the original placement on the t-shirt so they would all be centered. Once I did one pass of glue, I went back and glued again around the edges to make sure the felt stayed flat and secured.

Ta-da! And here is how they looked finished! I needed to give them a little while to cool down and dry. I also re-checked to make sure all the edges were sticking and laying flat. Then all we needed to do was pick out neutral colored clothes to layer underneath so the shirts would be the pop of color. And we were ready for the party!

All in all, it was a super easy project once I had the supplies. The most time consuming part was cutting out the m’s so that they were straight and neat. Gluing them down went pretty fast. I think the total project at home took me about 2 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this project and that it inspires your own m&m group costume! Happy Halloween!!

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Athleta Skort is Amazing!!

My first Athleta purchase has been a winner! This Momentum Skort has checked all the boxes for me and is beyond my expectations!

Key wins- amazing fit (close fit but not super tight), allows for great movement while working out, fabric is light and whisks away sweat, shorts underneath stay in place, AND it looks adorable!

Snag one before they are sold out at this amazing price! Black is in stock in a full size run. Fits tts. I wear a size 4 and the small fits like a dream!!

Shop the skort here (affiliate links)

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Beauty Deal Alert!!

Hey Colleen here! Hope your Sunday is going well and you are enjoying this beautiful weather!!

I just had to do this quick post on a truly great deal I just found while shopping for my foundation. If you have not tried IT Cosmetics this is a great way to give it a shot! I love the Bye Bye Foundation. It is a light weight tinted moisturizer that is infused with anti aging ingredients to help address those pesky signs! I just love how it makes my skin look and feel! It also has 50 SPF!!!!

With this deal you get the foundation with a Heavnly Bye Bye Foundation Brush (which on its own retails for $48) for the price of just the foundation!! Check it out here! (commission link)

I just grabbed one while I could and highly recommend you do the same!! I wear the Fair Light shade for reference.

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Tinted Lip Balm with SPF

Hey there!! Colleen here!! Recently my cousin recommended I try and tell you all about the Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm. Well, I did and used it everyday on my vacation. The verdict? I loved it. I suffer from permanent dry, peeling lips. I use lip balm every day and then layer a lip gloss over it. This can become thick and sticky feeling, which I hate.

Shop it here!

This product softens your lips as soon as you put it on. And they stay this way even after the lip balm wears off. This best part is that they offer it with tints, so you can add color to your lips without all layering. There are about 6 colors to choose from and they are truly just a tint, not a solid color. Very subtle. In addition to all that it has SPF 20, so your lips are always protected from the sun! This has now been added to my daily routine!

(Commission links)

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Favorite Moisturizers of Summer

Hi Colleen here!! I know I have told you all that I am a beauty product junkie. So, I wanted to bring you all my favorite moisturizers for the summer. Not only is it super important to keep your skin moisturized throughout the winter but the summer as well. Being out in the summer sun is really hard in the skin even when wearing sunscreen. I know my skin gets just as dry in the summer as it does during the winter months.

So here are my top 3 for 3 different reasons. (commission links)

Josie Maran Body Butter (splurge item, but a little goes a long way)- I have blogged about this product before (you can catch up on that blog here) and all the amazing benefits of it. This is my fav year round product. It is made with 100% Argan Oil and your skin will drink it up. The best part is that it does not leave a greasy feeling at all and completely melts into your skin. I literally use this from head to toe. In the summer I use it mainly on my face as my facial moisturizer.

Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizer (link to different scents and combos)- I recently started using this product and love the way it also melts right into your skin. There is no greasy feeling at all. I am not one for heavy fragrances as they tend to make me feel sick. This product however has very light scents that I love (especially pineapple scent pictured above). Since I only like to apply the last moisturizer below every other day, this is the one I use on the off days!

Jergens Natural Glow (link to different sizes and skin tone needs, I use Fair to Medium) – Since I am not a fan of tanning in the sun (I never go out without SPF 50 or above) this is my go to tanner (I have been using it for at least 15 years now!). It is very subtle in the changes and moisturizes as well! I personally only use it every other day so the change is very gradual. Even though this is a moisturizer first you still need to make sure you apply it as evenly as possible and ensure to rub in well around joints and creases as you would with any self tanner.

That is it!! With these 3 items I am ready for summer!!

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Vine Oh!!! Possibly the best subscription box ever!!

We have posted about the Vine OH! subscription box in the past already, but I just had to post about the recent box that just came out for Mother’s Day.  I gifted my parents with this subscription for Christmas this past year thinking my Dad would enjoy the wines and my Mom would enjoy all the beauty/jewelry/home products (and of course a sip of wine here and there!).  So far they have received 3 boxes, so they will only get 1 more, sadly.

What I love about this box and what makes it such a great gift is when it ships it is totally curated toward whatever the upcoming holiday is (winter holiday, valentines, mother’s day etc…).  In terms of the wines that are selected, you get to choose if you want all reds, all whites, a mix, or all sweet.  The other products are always completely different from the prior box.  They can be anything from  jewelry, home decor items, makeup palettes, bath items, candles, wine glasses, key chains, any thing and everything!  All of this makes it such a surprise when it is received.

The details on the Vine Oh!:  Every box is guaranteed to consist of at least a $120 value of products for $59.99 per box.

You will pick the type of wines you enjoy.  All red, all white, one of each, or all sweet and you will always get 2 bottles. This time we got a Chardonnay and a Rose (perfect for summer!!)

The box will come with 5-6 full size products: beauty, home decor, or treats (endless options).  This delivery was set up for the perfect Mother’s Day/Spa Day for yourself with home fragrance, hair towel, body lotion, face mask and of course yummy chocolates to enjoy while you pamper yourself!

You will also get a description card on each item in your box.  The card will give you what the item is, how to use it, why they loved it and added it to the box, and any special offers for you if you would like to order that item again

You choose whether you want to buy quarterly for $59.99 ( a one time only) or buy a yearly subscription for $225 ($56.25 per box)

It will also always be beautifully wrapped with the wines in the same box but separate and well padded to ensure it all gets to you safe and intact.

After seeing 3 of the boxes delivered and how my parents, and I (of course) have enjoyed all the items I can’t say enough amazing things about this service! I would highly recommend Vine Oh! to you all either as a gift to yourself that delivers all year long or a one time gift to friends and family!! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries! It will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!! Check it out here to see for yourself!

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#TargetFindFriday: Vineyard Vines

Calling all you Vineyard Vines fans out there!!!!

If you haven’t heard Target has collaborated with Vineyard Vines and is launching the line TOMORROW, May 18th!!!

This line is full of clothing for the family, accessories, things for the pets, home decor, and outdoor fun. Literally something for everyone!

See below for My and Liz’s picks:

For you:  Stripe Pants (for beachy days) / Stripe Romper

For him: Island Scene Shirt / Stripe 1/4 Zip Pullover

For the littles: Hibiscus Whale Romper / Hibiscus Whale Swim Trunks / School of Whales Romper / School of Sharks Button Down Shirt

For the home: Whale Throw Pillow / Patchwork Double Beach Towel

For fun: Whale Wagon (needed for the beach!) / Island Scene Beach Chair

Shop the whole collection here!!