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Coordinated Outfits for Family Photos

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season doesn’t involve the gifts, food, and all the craziness. What I look forward to, is keeping in touch with family and friends. And one way we do this is by sharing holiday cards! I love sending pics showing how much my kiddos have grown. And I really enjoy seeing all of the other family’s in our life- how much their kids have grown, the new additions since last year, and even the family animals that make it into the photos.

We have started a regular tradition of having a professional photographer (and now friend) take our photos each Fall. I love being able to look over the photos every year and look back on the different stages the kids were in. You don’t have spend a lot of money to capture wonderful images and have the keepsake of the different places you are in each year. A friend or family member might be willing to help or even set up a tripod to capture the moments!

To capture great photos (both classic and silly), no matter who the photographer is, I think it comes down to a great location, and a coordinated look. For a location, I have found that being outside in natural light, captures the best photographs. Over the years we have picked a range of places from parks in the country to historic sights in the city. My favorites have been the locations with rustic structures and interesting backgrounds like old buildings or water sources. This year, we chose the historic Valley Forge Park in Valley Forge, PA. What a place! Beautiful fields, rustic buildings, old stone walls, a wooden bridge over a stream- so many great photo ops.

Once I think of a location, I work on coordinating outfits. I usually don’t look for exactly the same item or print for us to wear. But rather colors or prints that compliment each other and pop in the photos. This year I was focused on a color scheme and was deciding between navy and green, red and black, and white and black. My go-to store/online retailer for family outfits has been the Gap Brands year after year. I find that they have so many trendy and classic styles and colors to choose from, that I have lots of options to work with between the brands to find the perfect look.

I always look for the kid’s outfits first. I find they are the hardest to land on for style and price. So by focusing on them first, I find it much easier to pair back the grown up outfits since ours are usually more classic items (hopefully that we already own or mostly own!) After looking at all of the options online, I selected the navy and green color theme. We are a very casual family so I like our outfits to reflect that. We are always in jeans for the most part. But I love having my daughter dress up in a pretty dress (while she will still wear one) to make the photos look a little more special than our day-to-day. I found this adorable navy dress with bright colored embroidery from Gap. It has a nice pop of color but still neutral being grounded in navy. When I saw the green and navy plaid shirt from Old Navy, I envisioned that they could work really well together.

Here are the outfit details for the kids (affiliate links):

My Son- Navy and Green Plaid Shirt / Slim Jeans (similar style) / Navy Hi-Top Sneakers (similar style)

My daughter- Navy Dress with Embroidery / Navy Cable Knit Tights / Silver Boots

Once I have the kids all taken care of, then it’s easier to decide on the outfits for the grownups. Since I grounded the looks in navy, I knew both my husband and I would wear navy tops or sweaters. Keeping the casual look, we both paired them with jeans. Then to keep overall look of being more casual with our outdoor setting, we picked tan/light brown shoes so they wouldn’t stand out too much.

Here are the outfit details for the grown ups (affiliate links):

Mom’s Outfit: Open Front Duster Cardigan (similar style) / Grey Peplum Tank (similar ss style) / Dark Indigo Jeggings / Tan Booties (similar style)

Dad’s Outfit: Marled Navy Crewneck Sweater / Straight Jeans (similar style) / Light Brown Loafers

I usually do a quick lay down as a double check that all the items will go together like this:

Once I feel good about the options then I just let the rest go and trust our photographer! When the kids were little, I stressed so much about getting the perfect shot, if they would smile, and if we would all look good in the same photo! But now over the years I’ve learned to just enjoy the moment! Like so many other moments and stages, you can’t control it all. And if you try to (at least for me), the fun is all gone. Documenting these family moments isn’t just about a good looking holiday card, but also about enjoying having fun and being silly all together. The amazing photos are just the extra bonus!

I hope you enjoy capturing the photos with your family- whatever that looks like to you. Just enjoy being together!

Here is the final product! And of course our other favorite family member had to join in the pic:)



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Party Season Is Fast Approaching!

Yes it is!! Can’t believe it is November! I just love this time of year! All the festive happenings like songs, holiday shows, perfect time of year for glitzy outfits, and gatherings. I love to bring a special gift for all the hostesses I will be visiting and I like to stock up on those gifts just in case I need one quick! Here are a few of my favorite items to give!

The gift of Warmth!

Buffalo Plaid here
Plaid here
2 solid colors here
Nordic prints here
Sounthwest prints here

I love giving cozy blankets. Everyone loves them and can always use one more! This blanket I found by accident at, of all places, Dicks Sporting Goods. It comes in a TON of colors and patterns. One side is a beautiful velvety soft plush and the other is a super soft Sherpa fleece. The best part is that it is only $25 each or BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!!!! Can’t you believe it?! Pick up 2 for the perfect just in case gift!

The gift of Light!

Pictured Above
The Whole Selection here

In this world of switch on candles (I have them in every room of my house), it is nice to actually light a beautiful candle and experience the flicker of the flame. If you have ever walked into an Anthropologie store then you have experienced the beautiful scent that envelopes you as you stroll through. It is this candle I love to give as gifts. It is always packaged beautifully and the scent is light, pretty, and not overwhelming. They range in price from $12- $98. I like to give the smaller sized candles for a pretty little hostess gift!

The gift of Moisturized Skin!

Josie Maran Body Butter

The winter can be really tough on your skin. I know mine gets really dry throughout the season. The only moisturizer I feel comfortable giving as a gift, because I know how amazing it is, is Josie Maran’s Body Butter. I use it everywhere including my face as my day cream. It light, non greasy, and absorbs right into your skin. I have been using it for years and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. It makes a perfect personal gift for anyone.

The gift of a Special Message!

Actually, I Can
Get After It
See The Good

I love a great mug with a great message! It is the perfect way to start your day with your cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! I found these lovely mugs for $4.99!! They are perfect on their own or paired with a great bag of coffee!

What are some of your gifting ideas that you like to give or have received? We would love to hear!

(Commission links)

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Halloween Treat Bags

I love doing all the little things around the holidays which make it extra fun with the kiddos. They love giving their friends some treats for Halloween, but we are no longer allowed to bring in food treats due to allergies. If your kids like doing the same thing, here is a quick idea that you still have time for that will be fun to do and fun to give out. (These are also great for other holidays or celebrating bdays in the classroom).

The last few years we have created treat bags for their school friends filled with non-food treats like boucy balls, spider rings, pencils, notepads, bubbles etc. With multiple kids, making treat bags for over 40 kids can get expensive. But by going to a store where they sell these items in bulk like Target and the Dollar Store, you can give out cute treats without blowing your budget!

This year we chose Target and I let the kids pick out what they wanted to fill their bags with. I find that this activity allows the kids to feel part of the process and make the decisions, but I know it won’t end up costing me an arm and a leg!

I usually find these deals in the Target dollar section up in the front of the store or in the back corner where they set up their Halloween destination with candy, decor, etc. Here are the treats they picked out for this year as well as stickers to decorate the name tags (see below).

What’s also great about this project, is that the kids can basically do all the steps themselves. So they are empowered to figure things out but also feel a sense of accomplishment when they are done and pride when they hand out the bags to their friends.

First step is we start with making the name tags for each friend. We use a paper cutter to cut card stock into squares or rectangles. Then we use a single hole punch to punch a hole in the top corner. This is where we will attach the name tag to the gift bag.

Next comes decorating the name tags. This is by far my kid’s favorite step since I let them have free reign over however they want to decorate them. They use stickers, markers- whatever they think will look the best! My son can now write so he labels each tag with a friend’s name and then puts his name on the other side. My daughter isn’t able to fully write yet so I let her decorate one side and then I write From V on the other side.

Then comes the fun step of stuffing the bags! We separate each treat into a pile and the kids make sure there is one of each thing in each bag.

Final step is closing the bags. This is where the grownup may need to help a little. I use the twist tie to close the bag as well as attach the name tag. Loop the twish tie through the hole on the name tag. Then bunch the top of the goodie bag together, wrap the twist tie around the bag, and twist a few times. The bag should be secure and you should still be able to see the name on the tag. Voila! Here is the final product!

Hope you found this helpful and enjoy making treat bags with your own kiddos.

Happy Halloween!! xo, Liz

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Group Candy T-Shirts- Perfect Family Halloween Outfit

The finished product!

Once I had my kiddos, I became much more excited about Halloween! I love all the prep- picking out pumpkins, making gift bags for friends at school, making sure we have the right amount of candy for the big night, and of course picking out the costumes! But when I have to find outfits for us all to wear as a family, that is where I struggle to think of something creative!

Last Halloween, we were invited to a Halloween party at my son’s friend’s house from daycare. I originally thought it was just a costume party for the kids, so I figured I was all set and they would wear their regular Halloween costumes that they were planning on wearing on Halloween night. But I was in for a big surprise two days before the party when I found out the adults had to dress up too!!! Ugh!

With very little time, I had to come up with outfits that I could buy or make in one day! I had seen someone post m&m shirts being sold online and figured- I could make those! So I headed over to AC Moore to figure out my game plan. By the way, I have been loving AC Moore. It has become by go-to for so many projects which I will continue to showcase here on the blog. Lot’s of great stuff and they are always having sales or coupons which make the projects very affordable.

I had never made these shirts before so I wasn’t sure of all the supplies I would need. But I made a list of what I thought and figured I would make it up as I went along! The kids loved being able to pick out their own colors. My only goal was to have 4 different colors so we could represent an m&m pack as much as we could.

Besides the actual t-shirts, here are the main supplies I needed:

  • Felt for the letter m. Black is shown here but used the same brand and size in white for the project
  • Glue gun and extra glue refills
  • Wooden letter m to use as an outline. I chose the lower case m to match the m&m logo

First step was I laid out the white felt into one big piece. Then I used the wooden m and traced it on the white felt 4x, 1 for each tee I was making. I then cut out each m using fabric scissors. You can use regular scissors, but I already owned the fabric ones and felt they cut a little faster and the cuts were cleaner.

Next step, I laid each tee shirt flat and measured where I wanted the m to sit. Once I decided on placement, I cut out a piece of felt to use for all of the other tees so that the placement was the same on each shirt. I measured from the neckline down so that the placement could be consistent even though the t-shirts were all different sizes.

When I was happy with the placement and ready to use the glue gun, I needed a hard surface to lay the shirts on and provide stability when gluing. I used a hard place mat which also kept the glue gun steady while warming up and not in use.

It was finally time to start gluing. Once the glue gun was warmed up, I applied the glue on the underneath part of the m, ensuring I kept the original placement on the t-shirt so they would all be centered. Once I did one pass of glue, I went back and glued again around the edges to make sure the felt stayed flat and secured.

Ta-da! And here is how they looked finished! I needed to give them a little while to cool down and dry. I also re-checked to make sure all the edges were sticking and laying flat. Then all we needed to do was pick out neutral colored clothes to layer underneath so the shirts would be the pop of color. And we were ready for the party!

All in all, it was a super easy project once I had the supplies. The most time consuming part was cutting out the m’s so that they were straight and neat. Gluing them down went pretty fast. I think the total project at home took me about 2 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this project and that it inspires your own m&m group costume! Happy Halloween!!

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Mother’s Day Finds @ Nordstrom

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! Have you found something special for the moms in your life? I found some great gift ideas at Nordstrom! From the traditional sleepwear and jewelry, to handbags, accessories, and even home decor. Check them out…and I wouldn’t mind if someone sends them to my family- I love all of these picks!

And if you need other ideas, click here for the Nordstrom Gift Shop! (Commission links)

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Target Finds Friday (Monday Edition): Valentine’s Day!

It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is only 3 1/2 weeks away! Were we not just celebrating Christmas?! Away……during my weekly visit to Target, they made sure we knew just how close Valentine’s is and that they are prepared with everything from gifts, apparel, and decor!

First Stop, The Dollar Spot (or Bullseye’s Playground)! Here you can find everything from these adorable valentine’s boxes for school to wine bags for date night. Unfortunately I did not see any of these on the website, but you must stop by on your next Target Trip.

These are great for the kids to collect their valentines from school. The options are endless too! They had these that are ready to go (only $3.00) and all kinds that your child can build and decorate themselves (around $5.00)!
Wine bags great for gifting or to bring bottles to a BYOB only $3.00
Adorable Dish Towels (sets of 2) only $3.00
Goody Bags perfect for class gifts only 2 for $1.00

Second Stop, Kids Apparel! You can find absolutely anything you need to outfit your girl from head to toe!

XO Tee, Friends Forever Tee. Be Mine Purse, Cat Tee, Kind Heart Tee, Short Tulle Skirt, and Maxi Tulle Skirt (my favorite). Click here for the whole collection. Outfit options were endless and adorable!

And Bella’s Choice!

Heart Hoody with Polar Fleece Sleeves

Next I strolled through the ladies department and here is what I found that caught my eye!

I think I need these PJ’s!
And these cute socks! Click here for to see all the socks.

Looking for gifts for your Galentines!! Click here for all the super fun gifts!

Finally my last stop was the home decor department!! I think these items will be used all year round! Not just for Valentines!!

I definitely need all of these pillows! How cute would they be in a girls room! Pink Fur, Ivory Sherpa, Flip Sequins, and Grey Fur.
These throws were possibly the softest throws I have ever felt! Pink throw and Ivory Heart Throw.

I just loved these mug sets! Especially the Weirdo & Weirdest set! Click these for the Love You set and Crazy in Love Set

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

In honor of the first of the year, we looked back on what we’ve accomplished and how we are excited for what 2019 will bring. In 2018 we took the plunge to launch Rockstar Moms. In 2019, we can’t wait to see how much it grows and helps us grow and bring enjoyment to our personal and professional lives.

To start, we wanted to share our New Years resolutions with you. 

Hi Colleen here!

As for me, I have never wanted to pressure myself with a New Years resolution. I have always let life take over and consume my everyday and not have that one thing for myself to focus on. So, for this year I am so excited to have this blog as the one thing for me to focus on for myself. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but so far it has been nothing short of exciting to write these blogs full of my likes, thoughts, and family.
My resolution is to continue to focus on this blog and learning from all of you out there what you want to hear about!! I am super excited to watch Rockstar Moms grow!  Happy New Year’s from my family to yours!

Mobile Image (3)

Hi guys, It’s Liz!

In past years, I have never really told anyone what my New Year’s resolution were. Full disclosure,  I dont know if I have ever actually come up with one. I never wanted the accountability to follow through. It was always so much easier to keep going as normal.  But as I’ve been trying to focus on this journey over the last few months, I have already learned that without accountability,  I avoid moving forward and facing so much unknown territory.  If I’m going to truly learn and grow as a person through this blog, then I need to consistently put myself out there and share.
So here goes…my New Years resolution is to post at least once a week. I know that may not seem like much, but you have to start somewhere!  Happy New Year’s from all of us!

Hausner New Years

We would love to hear from you and what your New Year’s resolutions are, big or small!  

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous New Year and we hope you enjoy all the fun content we’ll bring you in 2019!


Colleen and Liz

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Target Finds Friday

As I was strolling through Target today I came across their amazing mug assortment. It reminded me of what great gifts they make, not only during the holidays but for any occasion all year long! Here were some of my favorites from today today! And for only $5.99 you can’t pass them up!

Target Mugs (3)

Snuggle Mug – Sold out online, but in stock in store!

Hello Gorgeous

Strong & Beautiful

We Can Do This

Happy Day

No Drama

Shop the total assortment here

Keep in mind that if any of you still have holiday gatherings this weekend or New Years parties coming up they make great hostess gifts!! Also a great add on gift to a throw blanket or their favorite coffee shop gift card.

Enjoy the smiles they will bring!!

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Holiday FabFitFun Subscription Box

If you love a good subscription box, and who doesn’t, I think you will love the FabFitFun box.  I have been receiving this subscription for a year now and don’t have one complaint! They are filled with amazing premium products.  You can subscribe 2 ways and the options are: seasonal subscription ($49.99 each box, 1 times purchase), or an annual subscription ($179.99 or $44.99 each box, 4 times per year).

When the box arrives it is beautifully decorated.  

In each box box you will receive 8-10 full sized products.  These products will be premium beauty products, cozy, and seasonal items  that are valued around $200 for the total box. Since I have been receiving this box for a year now, I have found amazing products I would not have found without this subscription that are now a part of my beauty regimen. You will also have the option to choose between different products or you can choose to keep it a surprise, which is what I do.  They will email you when your shipment is getting ready for you to make your choices if that is what you would like to do.  A great thing about the products they choose is that if you do not use what they sent, they are great to give as gifts to others that may enjoy them.

There will also be the FabFitFun magazine.  This will have information about each of the products you received and how best to use them, an article on the cover person, and coupon codes to use on other products they are recommending.

Oh and always remember that the box is always so pretty (this holiday one especially) that you can use it to wrap a gift or use for storage.  I have 4 boxes that I have received that I use for storing items in my closet!

YAY FabFitFun!!  Enjoy!