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Valentines Day Is Right Around the Corner!!

Who doesn’t love Valentines Day with all its pink and red and sweet sentiments? Especially after everything going on around us! Let’s show some LOVE!! Below are some amazingly cute items to give to your loved one your to yourself!

Old Navy PJ’s

Valentines PJs

These cotton pjs are adorable!! Short sleeve tee and shorts are perfect for the teen in your life or would be just a perfect little gift for yourself!

Loft Tops

Stripe top / Red top

Looking for something to wear? Loft has you covered!! These tops are so cute and can be worn any day of the year!

Target for the win! As usual!!

Heart pillows
Dog pillow

These pillows are perfect gift for the tween/teen or just a great accent for any room. So cute and cozy with their Sherpa fabrication.

Mug / planter

Love these pieces for the perfect gift! The mug will be a great reminder every morning with your coffee and the planter can used to hold an adorable succulent to care for! (I actually have this planter in my kitchen and just love it!)

We wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day!!

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Kid’s Study Nook Inspiration

Now more than ever, my kid’s need a little place in the house that can be their own to do their school work both on and off of the computer. They are both attending school virtually for the first semester and I wanted to set them up for success! I wanted to create a space that they could use now while in school, and after, so they can keep up with their best study habits!

I had a few goals in mind when creating the space for my daughter. I hate to say it, but I focused on her first since she was starting Kindergarten and I wanted it to feel extra special. My son’t area is next, and I plan on applying the same thoughtfulness to it to make it special for him as well.

Here is what I focused on while designing this space (commission links):

  • Balance style and functionality, make it an inviting space the kids want to spend time in but still allows them to do what they need to do
  • Add personality and color to foster inspiration
  • Make it comfortable and easy, everything they need within reach, including having the tech items at their fingertips
  • Good lighting so they could work well and also be seen well by their teachers
  • Adaptable space that can be changed over time, for example using different cork boards to showcase latest important items

First step was I wanted work with what I had in the home and re-purpose as many items as I could.

I waited too long and couldn’t find a desk to purchase online, so I used a small folding table that I had and just raised it to be the right height. Then I figured I would spruce it up with colorful additions!

Adding the color was my favorite part! She loves rainbows so I found as many items as I could do add all the of the rainbow! Started with hanging cork boards at varying heights on the wall. I used the scotch brite brand so I could stick them to the wall and remove them easily without causing damage. Hung a rainbow flag across the wall which makes the walls less dull and really pop.

Cork Board 4 Piece Set / Rainbow Flag Banner

And then of course had to have a true rainbow piece which was her favorite part- perfect to hold her pencils, markers, tape, glue, etc!

I wanted to add some educational pieces as well. I came across this calendar which was perfect to have our own morning group session to go through the date, days of the week, and weather! Used a normal size corkboard and pushpins with tacks on the back for easy hanging. My daughter loves updating the pieces each morning!

Educational Calendar Set / Wooden Push Pins (set of 50)

Another focus was the functionality of her space. Good lighting is key since it’s normally a little dark in the room. I had a more fashion lamp set up originally, but it didn’t provide enough light. So I picked up a small pink lamp that is adjustable and has an easy on and off switch that she could use herself. Very affordable too!

Last piece that made the space comfortable for her was a desk mat. More pink! Provides a surface that is easy to clean, softer to write and draw on, and easy to use her computer and mouse on.

I love how it all came out and obviously so does she!

Hope your kiddos are doing well this school year! Best of luck!



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Succulents, my new project!

I bought my first succulent during this quarantine and just fell in love with it! So cute, and seems easy enough to take care of, right? Well, not exactly. The key is not to over water them and make sure the soil is totally dry before you add water again. When watering you want to soak the soil until the water is running out the hole in the bottom of the planter. Once that is done, just leave until totally dry again.

Besides how easy or not they are to care for, they are so beautiful. So many different varieties, colors, and shapes.

I recently found this amazing shop on Etsy, Queen of Succulents. She offers so many options to choose from including this amazing find that I just received! These adorable baby succulent clippings!

12 baby succulent clippings

Once I placed my order I received them within the week. Not only were they beautifully packaged but also came along with perfect instructions on what to do with and how to handle them.

The first step (and only step really), is to plant them in dry soil and wait for them to grow roots. This process my take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. The best part is that they can all be planted together in one pot or you can separate them.

Empty bowl/ pot (similar style)
Recommend using potting soil for succulents
12 baby succulent clippings

Once they root you can replant them in different pots or keep them together!

I am so excited to see how they grow!

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#TargetFindFriday: Planting Edition

As I was on my weekly stroll through Target I was inspired by all the outdoor furniture, accessories, and gardening tools!! One of my favorite hobbies this time of year is planting in my garden. I love planning out the annuals I will be planting and where they will go. I also sweat out the pressure of hoping that my perennials didn’t die and will pop up again this year!

I also love getting my kids involved and making this a family activity! Even my tween son enjoys working in this with me, at least he did as of last year…..( he probably would never admit it)

A great way to get the kids interested in the gardening process is to start them working on these grow kits early and then once they start growing they can plant them in the ground.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is garden-1.jpg

Face Planter (in store)

Strawberry patch (in store)

Grow Kits: Lady Bug / Hedgehog / Butterfly

Click here to all the grows kits offered.

When they go to plant their new seedlings they will need these adorable tools.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is garden-2.jpg

Garden Gloves : Flowers / Fox / Bugs / Unicorn

Sun Hats: Unicorn / Flowers / Fox / Bugs

Garden Tools: Unicorn / Flowers / Fox /Bugs

Watering Cans: Flowers / Unicorn / Fox / Bugs

Next they can decorate the garden with these stepping stones, garden signs, and statues that they can paint!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is garden-3.jpg

Click here to see all they have to offer!  There are so many great projects!

Important note: All the items above make great Easter basket fillers!!

I also found these great new garden tools for me!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mobile-image-68.jpg

I love the Smith and Hawken line click here to check it all out!

Oh! One more thing! The planters below are so pretty and though they are made of plastic they look like pottery. So super lightweight! I will be picking these up to decorate my front porch!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is garden-4.jpg

Click here to see all the Smith and Hawken Planters

Happy planting!!

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Target Find Friday- Kids Edition: Rain Coats, Rain Boots, and Storage Bins

During my weekly run to target, I found some exciting stuff for the kids for #targetfindfriday. 

First up are some great deals on rain gear.  Even though it doesn’t seem like it, the snow will end soon. That means Spring, and the rain it brings, are right around the corner.  I’ll be picking up the kiddos new rain jackets and boots so they can make the most of it.  Click below to shop:

Shop rain coats

Shop rain boots

And before the weather turns and you want to spend all your time outside, finish up any projects to get organized. Pillowfort storage is perfect to organize all the kid’s stuff and it’s on sale!  Click here to shop the whole Pillowfort collection. My goal is to finish organizing the kid’s closets and play room and I’m loving these robe detail bins for my girl and grey felt ones for my boy. 

Have a great weekend!

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Target Find Friday: Adorable Door Mats

Welcome to March!! I was so excited last week when I saw that my Tulips are starting to grow!! The first sign of Spring! This makes me want to start planning the flowers I will be planting in my garden and what I will do about decorating my front porch!

Now that winter is coming to an end it is time to get rid of the old door mat that I loved at the beginning of the season but now looks like it has been through some tough times….. and freshen it up with a new one. Target has an adorable selection starting at $12.99. See below the 4 that I need to chose from!

Home Sweet Home / Welcome / All Over Floral / Braided

See the whole collection by clicking here.

I am also loving how so many of you ladies are layering your door mats over larger rugs. Well, Target does not disappoint on that either and has a great selection of throw rugs to use. See what was able to whip up in the store this past weekend!

Black & White Rug
Blue Rug

I would love to hear which are your favorites!!! Leave a comment to let me know!


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New Year, New Foyer: Decorating An Empty Space

New year, new space…… yes! Since we moved into our current house 7 1/2 years ago we been renovating little by little. To complete the bottom floor we just needed to design our foyer. I always had an idea of what I wanted to do with the space but needed that one piece of inspiration.

Well, I found that inspiration in of all places, Target! Of course!! This bench started everything!Mobile Image (2)

That was all I needed and the whole vision was in place (in my head anyway). When I get started on a space I always start with shopping my own house. I look for pieces that I can use to decorate a space from the other rooms of my house and the attic and basement for items I am not using currently and already have.

I found the pillows, candles, small bowl, throw blanket and farm market can from all over my house. Note that I always buy my throw pillow covers (click here to see current sale pillow covers) at Pottery Barn in the sale section. I buy the covers and put them over my existing pillows. This is a great way to update any room by adding color or pattern.

Another great way to add color or character to the foyer is to paint the inside of your front door. I painted mine the same color as the outside, but you can paint what ever color you like.

Here are the before pics of this space:

pre foyer

And here are the after pics:

after 2 foyer

It is not over decorated or cluttered, that’s not my style.  I like clean but warm spaces.  I especially love this rug. Whether you add just a mat in front of your door or a larger rug, it is definitely needed for people to wipe their feet on.

Rug  – I love the tone it sets for this space.  It is a 5×7 rug, but you an do a mat just at the front door too.

Welcome sign – This sign was made by a local business Barn Picks & Stuff.  I absolutely love them and there products. Everything is hand made or reclaimed and refurbished.  They are a Facebook business, click on the “Welcome Sign” and see what they offer.  Many of the items are one of a kind!  Here is a closer look at it:

mobile image (3)

Light Fixture – I always use Pottery Barn for my light fixtures in all the renovations we have done.  Great quality and design.  Here are some of the other fixtures we have use throughout the house:  Large Rustic Glass Pendant (kitchen), Rustic Glass Sconce (bathroom) Armonk 6 Arm Chandelier (dining room)

Bench – This is what started the whole design of the space!  This bench is only available in store but there is a link for the site if you click on bench.

Table – This table adds a different material as it is made of metal.  Love how it fits the space. Here is closer look at the table & bench:

mobile image (4)

I still need to decide what to put above the bench and would love to hear your thoughts!!! Let me now what you think!

I am so excited this is finally done and I love it!

Happy decorating!!