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My Summer Saviors!

Every season there are those few special items that help us all get through it! Well, the items in this post are not only my saviors for this summer, they are the same items that have gotten me though every summer for a few years now! So when one of them wears out or runs out, I buy a new one to replace it!

Let’s start with the one, the only BATHING SUIT I personally wear. Since having children we all have those areas we like to hide or camouflage, right? Well, this one does the trick! The quality of the fabrication holds up to days (and years) in the pool, ocean, and wash. It is truly worth every penny and IF you can grab it on sale you are lucky!

Solid / Gingham

Next it’s all about the accessories!! The straw hat! This is honestly the perfect hat for everyone. I seriously looks amazing on everyone. I have to tell you that I actually lost this hat last summer and thought I would look for a different one. I must have tried on dozens of straw hats from everywhere and none of them looked great. So I went and bought this one again and sure enough, LOVED it! The sunglasses! These are the only sunglasses I wear. Love RayBans and love the aviator style. I have had grey lenses, brown lenses and now I have these green lenses (which I have had for a few years now). They are classic and you can’t go wrong with this style.

Hat / sunglasses

The Flip Flops! To know me is to know that I wear flip flops all summer and with everything. I wear them with shorts, dresses, and jeans! Casual and dressed up! These are the flip flops I wear and buy EVERY summer. They are durable and comfortable and they always offer trendy prints like leopard and snake print.

Flips Flops

My fav denim shorts and tank! This is my uniform all summer. It’s that easy breezy look that you wear all summer. Just hanging at home, going to a bbq, or heading the shore this is the look! First the Tank! This tank is the best fit and light fabrication with out being see through. I don’t even know how many colors I have it in! Now denim shorts are a staple every year. The style may change but the base is the same. This years style that I literally find myself reaching for every day is a little more destructed than last years!

Tank / Denim Shorts

Now let’s talk about self tanner. I don’t use a traditional self tanner. I use Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. I have been using this for at least 10 years!! It doesn’t make you orange. You don’t need to use a mit to apply it. Using this subtly tans you over 7 days with little to no streaking. And it not only gently tans, moisturizes, it also firms your skin. Love love it!!

Jergens Natural Glow / Other Jergens Natural Glow Products

Lastly this item is actually a new item that will now become a need every misquote season!! My kids just walk outside this time of year for 5 minutes and end up covered in bug bites…..🤦🏻‍♀️. If you use this fairly soon after they get the bite it really works! It sucks out the venom and takes the itch and swelling away!! Woo hoo! They say it also works on splinters…..I will

The Bug Bite Thing
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If We Were To Go To DC for Spring Break……..

We were planning a super fun and full spring break road trip to Washington DC, but with the current situation obviously that is not happening. 😪 We will instead be trying to fill the week with family fun around the house and hopefully be able to social distance ourselves at the park and on hikes.

To prepare for the original trip I had pulled together some things for full days of touring, walking, and enjoying the outside views of monuments and museums.

Comfortable shoes was #1 on the list!

1). I have heard so much about these Day Glove Flats by Everlane. Every review I have read or seen spoke about how comfortable these shoes were from the moment you put them on your feet. Well, the all the reviews were absolutely right! Not only are they amazing comfortable right out of the box. They needed little to no break in time! The leather so very soft and I love the vents on the inner sole for breathablity. They also come I also come in almost 20 colors!!

Day Glove Flat / sweater / jeans
Day Glove Flat
Day Glove Flat

2) The next pair of shoes I was packing were these Grand Court Sneakers from Adidas! These sneakers are so versatile and look great with leggings, jeans, skirts and dresses. They also have a cloud foam inner sole for total comfort!

Adidas Grand Court

#2 on my packing list was a great Spring jacket

I found this super cute jacket at Old Navy! It is water resistant, which caught my eye immediately since you never know what the days will bring in terms of weather. The jacket also has a micro fleece lining in the body and pockets for a touch of warmth, as well as satin lined sleeves for ease of putting the jacket on. It also has a bungee cord waist to pull in and full zipper closure with snaps. It comes in 3 colors.

Jacket / shoes / jeans / sweater

I also picked up a new denim jacket for the trip! Of course I already have a classic one, but liked the more oversized look of this one. It is a little bit longer and oversized which is perfect this time of year to layer over light sweaters and sweatshirts!

Denim Jacket / Sweater (great for spring)/ Jeans

#3 I needed a great crossbody!

I love a good crossbody bag because it leaves my hands free to explore the museums and monuments. It also allows me to hold my kids hands while walking around! I picked up this cute quilted style on Amazon and added the Strap to jazz it up a little. It is also the perfect size for your wallet, phone, lipgloss, and touring maps!!

Quilted Crossbody
Quilted Crossbody/ Bag Strap / Jeans / Shirt

Enjoy your Spring Break what ever it ends up being!! As long as you are with your family and friends it will be perfect!

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Happy Birthday to My Rockstar Mom!!

We were lucky enough to spend an amazing afternoon at the Mathis House, Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room, to celebrate my Moms birthday. What an amazing place. This 122 year old, 8000 sq ft home resides in Toms River, New Jersey. If you live in New Jersey it is so worth a trip to enjoy an amazing afternoon tea service or a stay in one of their 5 bed & breakfast rooms.

Since we went for the afternoon tea service, I will start there! You walk up to your table so beautifully set and you choose your tea cup! All of the china throughout the service is beautifully miss matched. Makes for fun conversation.

This service includes a pot of tea for each person and a 5 course lunch. They have, I believe, over 80 teas to choose from on a regular day and also additional special teas during holiday season. We each choose a different tea for all of us to try such as Spirit of Christmas, Orange & Cranberry, Peppermint Bark, and Love Shack (such fun names, right?!). Each pot was served in these adorable cozies!

The first course was this delicious pasta salad followed by broccoli and cheese soup served in the prettiest tea cup. What I loved was that there was no rush and plenty of time in between courses to enjoy the food and your company.

The third, fourth and fifth courses were served all together on a beautiful 3 tiered server. On the bottom was finger sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad w/ apples & grapes, egg salad, and artichoke tarts), next was scones served with clotted cream, then topped off with amazing sweet treats! I think my daughters face say it all!

I can honestly say that every single item tasted better than the last! I was so full I could not eat another thing for the rest of the day!

A super fun part of the experience is to really get into the role with these fasinators. They also have beautiful hats to chose from if you forgot yours at home! I loved looking around all the different rooms to see all the guests taking part in this tradition.

After our tea service was done, we were invited to take a tour of the second floor where the Bed & Breakfast resides. We were created by the owner who told us all about the amazing history of this historic home.

The stair case leading upstairs. There are beautiful stain glass windows all throughout.
The landing at the top of the stairs surrounded by the rooms
You will also find the unlimited wine service and coffee service offered to guests of the Bed & Breakfast As a guest you will also get a 3 course breakfast and beach tags for the beautiful Jersey shore!

Next, I was able to take pictures of 4 of the 5 beautiful rooms you can stay in! Each have their own en-suite and was more beautiful than the last. They are also named!

This is really just a taste of what awaits an afternoon or weekend spent at the Mathis House. If you get a chance to visit you will be completely taken care of and sure to thoroughly enjoy every minute of your visit. Check it out here


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Travel Accessory Finds From Amazon

If you are lucky enough to be travelling soon for Spring break, or possibly planning a trip this summer, I have some new travel accessories to recommend from Amazon!

I recently went to Florida over New Year’s and picked up some new accessories prior to my trip. They all worked out great so I knew I had to share them!

I’ve always considered myself a good packer. Yes, on every trip I usually pack a few extra pairs of shoes and outfits that I didn’t need. But all in all, I am an expert clothes roller and therefore can fit a ton in my suitcases. But, all of those clothes come at a cost since I’m usually holding my breath that I don’t exceed the weight limit at the airport and have to pay extra money right before my trip!

So before this trip, I saw lots of people recommending packing cubes and calling out how they changed the packing game and figured I would give them a shot.

I picked these styles from Amazon due to the good reviews at a very reasonable price.

5 packing cubes come in this pack in 3 different size ranges. You receive 2 large, 2 medium, and 1 small all at a great price! My favorite aspects of these cubes include the see through mesh windows so you can tell what you packed into each cube, the 3 different size ranges so they work well in all different size bags, and the handles that allow you to efficiently move them around as needed without your stuff becoming a mess!

As I mentioned, the 3 different sizes work great to fit into all different size bags. I bought a set for myself, my husband, and both kids and they worked great in each of our bags. My favorite size is the medium because I was able to fit 2 of them side by side on one side of my suitcase. I also liked the small size because I was able to segment out some items that I didn’t want to get lost with all the other clothes.

You may ask yourself, why do I need to use cubes when I am able to get all of the items in my luggage no problem? Good question, I thought the same thing! The biggest benefit I found was that the cubes forced me to cut back on how many items I was bringing before I stuffed it all into my bag and then realized it didn’t fit! I am that person that would end up sitting on my bag to try to get it to close, then it would be too heavy….you see how this goes. So by using the cubes, I filled the cubes as much as I could and then I had no problem fitting it in my suitcase! The other benefit was packing to come home. By having different cubes I could segment out all the dirty clothes to make washing when I got home a breeze. Love these cubes and catch wait to use them on my next trip!

The next accessory that I loved is this Fedora Beach Hat. I had been looking for a hat that looked great and held up well while travelling and at the pool and beach. This one is perfect! Love the styling and it comes in so many colors and different trim details. I chose the classic Beige with a Black Grosgrain Ribbon. Best part? It is truly packable! It traveled it my suitcase packed in between all my other stuff and was perfectly fine when unpacked! Love having a hat I can travel with that is convenient to take instead of having to carry on and afraid of getting ruined. Love it!

The last accessory I picked up is a new water bottle- the stainless steel Hydro Flask. So many of my girlfriends use stainless steel water bottles but I hadn’t tried on. After all the great reviews I wanted to give it a shot. I was really looking for a water bottle that could hold my drinks at the ideal temperature and not leak! This one is worth the cost!

Now that you have read all about these new accessories that will be great for your next trip, you can click below to shop and see more details!

  1. Packing Cubes
  2. Fedora Beach Hat
  3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Happy travels!!


The Deserts of Disney & Universal (I had no idea!!)

When in Disney I was going to write a blog about what I wore on vacation or what I packed, but what we ate seemed so much more interesting! Also, it’s a PSA!!

Have you been or are going to Disney/Universal in the near future? Well, if you are you need to pay special attention to the deserts!! Listen, taking my kids when they were 3 & 5 was wonderful, to see their little faces light up the first time they met a character or saw the castle was something I will never forget. However, I was so consumed with watching after them I completely missed so much!!!

Taking them now that they are 11 & 13 was a completely different experience. We all were able to really enjoy the parks, rides, entertainment, food and the DESERTS!! I had no idea!!!

The desert eating started in EPCOT. We were entering the World Showcase and thee is was….the most amazing donut cart we had ever seen (for the moment)! So many to choose from but Bella choose the the vanilla donut with chocolate icing and mini m&m’s. It was so gooey and so good!!

Next we went over to Universal and our first night there we came across this shop called Voo Doo Donuts. Ummmm……..when you walk into this store you are greeted with a carousel of all the amazing donuts to choose from. We choose a vanilla one with marshmallow topping and captain crunch cereal and another vanilla donut with caramel, chocolate, and nuts. Totally worth the extra calories!!

Voo Doo Donuts
Check out their other locations here! If you are near one, you NEED to try them!

On our 2nd day in Universal as we were leaving the park we came across these Lard Lad Donuts! This donut was bigger than my daughters (and my) face!! Again this did not disappoint and fed the 4 of us for 2 days.

Lard Lad Donuts
As good as it looks for sure!!

Lastly, a friend had recommended we eat at the Chocolate Emporium at the City Walk in Universal. So we did! Dinner was good, but it was all about the milkshakes. I have never seen anything like this before ever in my life!! These milkshakes are served in a super mason jar and each flavor has an amazing treat on top. Bella had the chocolate brownie milkshake, which had a chocolate chocolate chip brownie on top with the straw going right through it! Sandro had a double chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream, chocolate chunks and strawberries on top!!

That’s all I remember from this amazing trip to Disney and Universal!! If you have gone with your babies, it is totally worth going again once they are old enough for you all as a family to enjoy everything these parks have to offer!! Especially the deserts!!

Please leave a comment if have tried any of these places or if you know of any other amazing deserts there to try!!

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Road Trip!!!

Just thinking back to our amazing spring break trip to Virginia. Such a beautiful state and we all had a great time!! I totally recommend, if you live on the east coast, a trip to visit Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, Fort Monroe, The USS Wisconsin (amazing), and Virginia Beach. Whether you did a staycation, took a road trip like us, or flew some where amazing for your Spring Break we would love to hear about your adventure!! Please leave us a comment, I am always looking for ideas for next year!!

Outfit links below (commission links)

Sunnies / Denim Jacket / $8 Tee / Perfect Joggers / Classic Sneakers

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Spring Break Style

Easter and Passover are almost here. So in the Northeast that means it will be spring break time! Last year we were lucky enough to spend spring break in Florida with family. But this year we will be on a staycation! But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about flying somewhere warm, preferably near a beach. I put together my fake packing list. And if you are heading on vacation, hopefully it will give you some outfit inspiration!

All J.Crew items are 40% off. Use code REFRESH

All Gap items are 45% off. Use code CYBER

All J.Crew Factory items are 40%-60% off. Prices as marked on the website.

(Commission Links)
From Left to Right:
Snake print sandals / White skinny denim / Straw clutch / Striped embroidered blouse
Navy ruffle one-shoulder swimsuit / Pineapple cover up / Straw hat / Striped beach fleece
Denim shorts / Rose gold sandals / Floral one-piece swimsuit / Navy crochet clutch
White eyelet sleeve tee / White denim shorts / Dobby striped shirt / Tassel key chain / Navy espadrille wedges

Here are some daytime looks for sightseeing, going out to eat, or just relaxing with a good book and drink!

(Commission Links)
Navy tee and denim shorts are 40% off- use code REFRESH
Snake print sandals 15% -25% off – use code BEESKNEES
From Left to Right:
Straw hat / Slub cotton v-neck tee / Denim shorts / Snake print sandals
Tassel key chain / Navy eyelet sleeve tee / White denim shorts / Rose gold sandals

Going out to dinner or just need a cute outfit change? Can’t go wrong with a fun top and white denim!

(Commission Links)
White denim shorts are 40% off- use code REFRESH
Dobby striped shirt 45% off – use code CYBER
Snake print sandals 15% – 25% off – use code BEESKNEES
From left to right:
Navy espadrille / Striped embroidered blouse/ / White skinny denim/ Navy crochet clutch / Dobby striped shirt / Straw clutch / White denim shorts / Snake print sandals

You will look so stylish by the pool or at the beach in these looks from Target or J.Crew. Since having 2 kids, I’m not very confident in a bikini. Plus, I have to be able to run around after them and I need to make sure my swimsuit will stay in place! These styles do the job but still make me feel young and trendy.

Safe travels!


New Orleans Trip

Birthday Trip to NOLA with the MR!


We recently decided to take a short trip to celebrate the MR’s birthday; it’s a BIG one too!  Since neither of us has ever been New Orleans was the winner and it did not disappoint!

First of all the 3 things no one told me that are very important to know:

  • HUMIDITY: even though we went in November and the temperature averages 72 degrees the humidity is about 96%!! Be prepared for bad hair days!!  Ponytails!!
  • Bring comfy shoes: You will do A LOT of walking and will need comfy shoes.  Go ahead and bring your cute shoes for evening, but make sure you bring sneakers or walking shoes to handle the crazy sidewalks and tons of steps you will be doing.
  • Gas Lamp’s: There are real working gas lamps all over and they are absolutely beautiful.

The Hotel:

We stayed at the La Richelieu Hotel.  A very quaint French boutique hotel in the way back of the French Quarter.  The neighborhood was tucked away in the residential section, very close to Frenchman Street and the French Market.   Would definitely recommend this hotel if you are ok with being in a more quiet area.

NO Hotel (1)

The Tours:

There are many tours to choose from in New Orleans to learn the area and I totally recommend taking a tour just to help get your bearings on what you want to see and do.  We started with a Haunted Tour of the French Quarter through Voo Doo Bone Lady Tours (; I found them on Trip Advisor.  Our tour guide was Brain, please request him, and he was amazing.  He was so knowledgeable of the stories, history, and the area as he was born and raised right there in New Orleans.

Mobile Image (20)

The above is called The Lalaurie House, which has a history so horrifying that it was almost unbelievable.  Look it up and then go to NOLA to see it…….  Every hair on my neck and arms stood every time we walked by it, which was several times a day because it is right in the middle of everything.  This was just one of the sights from the tour!

We also took a tour of the St Louis Cemetery No.1.  I would highly recommend a cemetery tour, there are many.  The tour we choose was through Tours by Steven, also found on Trip Advisor, and our guide was Chad.  Chad was great, also born and raised right there in New Orleans and his family owns a tomb in the cemetery he toured us through.  The history inside the walls was amazing, learning why the cemeteries are all above ground in New Orleans and the whole burial process was truly amazing.  You really start to understand the culture of the area through this process and ceremonies.

Cemetary (1)

The French Quarter:

The French Quarter is 14 blocks long by 12 blocks wide.  We spent a very full day visiting all the sites packed into this relatively small area.  We started with the French Market.  This is an open air, covered market packed with local artisans selling their goods. You can find absolutely anything here: Jewelry, artwork, leather goods, clothing, food, soaps, and strange alligator heads, hats, just to name a few things.  A must see location!

Mobile Image (17)

The French Market sits close to the Mississippi River so next we walked along the river.  Beautiful! The best part is that this walk will lead you to Café Du Monde!  YES!  You will NEED to stop here for your fix of their beignets and café au lait (oh-lay).  This is pretty much the only thing on the menu and wow I can see why.  DELICIOUS!!  Please note that if there is a line, you wait and watch for a table to open up and just go sit.  They will clean off the table if it is dirty.  Do not wait to be seated.  If you are lucky like us you will find a table near the edge of the open patio and there will be an amazing street band entertaining everyone right there!!

Cafe Du Monde (2)

Right outside of Café Du Monde is Jackson Square, named after Andrew Jackson. A beautiful green space surrounded by more artists selling their artwork.  At the end of the green space is the beautiful St Louis Cathedral.  This cathedral was built in 1727 and has a rich history that you must visit.  In the evening you must visit the back side of the cathedral and see the shadow from the reflection of the statue of Jesus. The locals refer to it as Touchdown Jesus….

Jackson Square (1)

The next must do is a stop at the Hotel Monteleone for a drink at their Carousel Bar.  It is a beautifully decorated feature that actually rotates, very slowly, around the bar.  It also overlooks Royal Street,  so it’s great place to rest after all the walking, have a drink and people watch.

Hotel Monteleone (1)

We followed this up with a walk down Bourbon Street!  This was not really my cup of tea, but you have to do it once in your lifetime!  It is bustling with people, music, and spontaneous street band parades. That part I loved, it’s the bar scene that I did not love so much.  If you want a true taste of the Jazz/Blues seen you NEED to take a walk down Frenchman St!  Frenchman St is where you will find amazing Jazz clubs/bars such as, the Spotted cat and Bambaolas.  Great places to just grab seat for hours and watch the amazing bands that rotate and play all night long.  Also, on Frenchman St was another great open air market called Palace Market.  Another place to mix with local artist and have a chance to purchase their beautiful goods!

Frenchman Street (1)

The Garden District:

Street Car ride! The street cars have running since 1923 and are absolutely beautiful.

Mobile Image (18)

We took the street car to Washington Ave. in the Garden District.  The Garden District is 12 blocks long by 5 blocks wide.  Every block is full the most beautiful mansions you will ever see.  There are many tours to take here as well.  We used this self-guided walking tour from Frommers (Walking Tour 2 New Orleans).  One thing to keep in mind as you are touring this beautiful area is that these homes are occupied and you really need to respect that as you are looking around and taking pictures.  You will also see many celebrity homes!  Make sure you leave time to stroll down Magazine Street for all the shops and eateries!

Garden District (1)

The Architecture:

Whether you are strolling the hustle and bustle of Bourbon St, the residential area of the French Quarter or the Garden District, you will notice the beautiful surroundings and the buildings.  As you are passing all these colorful structures you will gain the understanding of the rich history of this area.  The locals have done an amazing effort of keeping the original feel of New Orleans and all its beauty and history.

streets (1)

One more thing:

A MUST see attraction is what they advertise as the 2nd best museum in the world, the WWII museum.  It is outstanding (as it was described to me)! You will learn things you never knew for sure about this war.

Mobile Image (19)